What's up comrades? It's been awhile since I've posted anything but that all is about to change. I want to take this time to reintroduce myself to some and introduce my self to others. My name is Twa and I am the CEO of Young Warrior Musik. If you are from Atlanta or have been a member of this site you may have heard about our first artist and my son Ajani. We put out an EP a couple of years ago. I really want to thank Jacuma for supporting what we have done. It has truly been a blessing to have comrades willing to help you get the word out and I definitely thank this site for all their dedication. It is a war going on and I'm not talking about a metaphor. We have to make some changes. I am hopeful because we have outlets such as this to get the word out. Right now I am in the process of trying to find people who may have connections to community radio djs who play progress hip-hop and soul. We have a compilation that we have been circulating and we want to get it out to the audience that we feel will be uplifted and inspired to continue the work that they are doing. If you can connect us to such a dj we will give you a free copy of our cd as a token of our appreciation. I'm telling you straight this movement is really worth it because your not supporting people who are not working in the community. Our company is comprised of educators that work everyday to make a difference in the youths perspective and young people who we have worked to get to this point. My son Ajani helped produce every track on the compilation as well as contributed his own tracks. This one of this most progressive music movements today because we are coming straight to you to ask for help and support. So please if you think this is something you can get into holla at ya boy.

"Culture is created only by the people. All artists use this culture. They do not create it. A writer writes a song or a book, they did not create music, language or writing, the people did. Thus, the artist only represents the peoples culture.The culture of all oppressed is the culture of resistance. The enemy seeks to corrupt the artist into misrepresenting the peoples culture, thus betraying them. Thus all artists coming from an oppressed people must represent resistance in their art form. Anything other than this is betrayal." -- Kwame Ture


We really do appreciate all the love. UHURU