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Thug Life Army Records being a ‘grass roots’ indie label, is asking all of you that have web sites, pr lists, contact lists, newsletters, myspace accounts etc. to help us promote this album. We need to take hip hop back to the streets and out of the boardroom. We can not continue to let corporate labels dictate what hip hop really is and continue to force feed us music that THEY feel we want and need.

Our web sites have ‘worked’ with and supported many of you over the years; we really could use a hand up on getting this out. Please send out and post to all your contacts.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. THANKS for your help and support in advance – RB


Indie Hip Hop Label Re-Issues Unique Tupac Tribute Project

With all the talk about hip hop being dead, indie label Thug Life Army Records sets forth a project that proves hip hop is alive and well: outside the boundary of corporate ‘boardroom’ hip hop.

‘In the Shadow of an Icon’ is an amazing tribute to the teachings and thought process of hip hop icon; rapper, activist, poet Tupac Shakur (2Pac). Tupac connected with the street because he was from the street and understood the messages that the street needed to hear.

Artist from all across the country including California, New York, Georgia, Texas, St. Louis as well as Canada have contributed to this project set in the mindset of Tupac Shakur (2Pac).

‘In The Shadow of an Icon’ brings no bling, or spinning rims, no meaningless repetitive hooks - just good quality hip hop with a message from unsigned artists relevant to hip hop culture in a time when real thought provoking hip hop seems to have left the scene.

The project includes a track from San Antonio, Texas based 1223 whose track “Wish I Knew" placed first in VH-1's International Songwriting Competition. Also included on this project is a track from Jasiri X with Franchise (Produced by Paradise Gray of X Clan). Jasiri X has won the awards for Best Inspirational Artist and Single of the Year for "FREE THE JENA 6" at the 2008 Pittsburgh Hip-Hop Awards among others this year.

Hip hop is alive and well and this compilation from newly formed indie label Thug Life Army Records proves that. Tracks from well known indie artist like Inglewood, California’s own Binky Mack (of the Westside Connection click) and Squeak Ru (Binky Macks partner in the group allfrumtha I), Bay Area Boss Celly Cel, Latino great Kemo tha Blaxican out of East LA, Detroit, Michigan’s Page 1, K–Loron from Cleveland, Ohio, Latino group UND from the legendary Inland Empire in California, G Luv (from Mack 10’s Road Dawgz), Boo Kapone from Inglewood, California, Latino group Concrete Souljahs from Phoenix Arizona, Wize-Fool representing from the Bronx NY and Jersey, SUPe from Hawthorne, California, Saint Louis, Missouri based Hustle Creed, Inglewood, California’s Purple Lounge, from Chicago to LA and the entire One Nation Project Malign20, Ebony Burks from Atlanta Georgia / Los Angeles California, FAME from Atlanta, Georgia, Qwiccshott from San Diego, California, Nolan from Inglewood, California, Tommy Danger from Harlem and Manhattan, 3RDegree from the I.E. (Inland Empire), California, Dolo from Inglewood, California, and lets not forget our brothers from north of the border Sammy B and Big Dee from Calgary AB Canada and the spoken word artist Queen Josie from Atlanta, Georgia.

As you can see there is a wide area of the nation covered by these artists. The Reviews are enriching:

"This entire project is not just a true testament to the direct inspiration that Tupac provided many in our society, but also a reflection of positive hip hop culture being used as a voice for the voiceless." - Shamako Noble: President and Executive Director of The Hip Hop Congress -

"The artists featured on this two-disc compilation have all been baptized at the altar of Tupac; they not only continue a mighty tradition, they take it to a higher level. All praise is due to ThugLifeArmy Records" - Dr. Uhuru Hotep / Kwame Ture Leadership Institute

"In The Shadow of an Icon pays homage to the late, great Tupac Shakur. Thug Life Army Records compilation was done with taste and respect for Tupac's legacy." - Jonathan Wolfson / Wolfson Public Relations

“Maybe the "In the Shadow of an Icon" CD will help us, at least imagine if only for a moment, the possibilities of not only Tupac Shakur, but the legions of young men and women who would follow his lead, if they politicized their lyrics and connected them with the struggling masses...” by "TRUTH Minista Paul Scott” of

"In the Shadow of an Icon is the rare album available today whose lyrical content, production and theme are all top-of-the line and in harmony. The spirit of 'Pac - his intellect, defiance, and love - lives in this album, with enough of a roster, message, and music to carry his great legacy for another generation" – by Cedric Muhammad / Black Coffee Channel and Black .

“A really solid release... I really appreciate the purpose of the project. It's not your typical thugged-out music. It's street music, but with heart, and in that way, it does a great service to the memory of 'Pac. I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the production, the lyrical skills of the MCs and variety of artists on the CD. Well done!” Greg Schick / Old School G - World Hip Hop Market

Review from StreetHop by Rahim “Judging a book by its cover never really helped anyone to begin with, and in my findings, this 29-track compilation CD is filled with up and down-beat tracks that anyone can easily be bopping their head to, not to mention that the whole vibe of the album can be described as something out of the vaults of Suge Knight’s Death Row Records. The album also showcases a style of music that most 2Pac fans will recognize, while the music itself represents the same struggle in which 2Pac had fought hard for. There are a lot of talented artists on this album, and from the sound of it; I’m glad none of the artists give off too much of a mainstream feel to their music....”

Hip hop is not dead, you just have to know where to look – and that means look to the streets instead of the boardroom and you will see that Thug Life Army Records has done just that on In the Shadow of an Icon. "Hip Hop was supposed to be this new thing that had no boundaries and was so different to everyday music. As long as it has soul to it, hip hop can live on." - Tupac Shakur

The album is available for digital download on Itunes, Umusic and all other on line download sources. In stores nationwide.

The album can also be purchased at or for a ‘Special’ Re-Launch price.

Track list for ‘In the Shadow of an Icon’

Disc One

1.) Boo Kapone - KNOWLEDGE
2.) Concrete Souljahs - Walk wit me
3.) allfrumtha i - Everywhere I Go (good and evil)
4.) SUPe – The System
5.) Hustle Creed - We Live and We Die
6.) Purple Lounge "H.O.P.E"
7.) Nolan – PEOPLE
8.) 1223 - Wish I Knew
9.) Jasiri X and Franchise - 2 Pacs More
Producer: Paradise Gray (X Clan) and GM3
10.) Page 1 - Fallen
11.) Ebony Burks – Choice
12.) G Luv - Revelation
13.) FAME – Next 2 Kin
14.) U.N.D feat. Teeka – Understand
15.) binky mack - Conflict Of Interest

Disc Two

1.) Kemo the Blaxican - Breathe
2.) Celly Cel - No Tomorrow
3.) Dolo - So Much Drama
4.) Qwiccshott - Never
5.) Sammy B feat Big Dee – No Half Steppin
6.) 3RDegree – Broken Home
7.) allfrumtha i - Me & My Dawg
8.) K – Loron – Speed of Life
9.) Concrete Souljahs - Related to the Underground
10.) Tommy Danger - Run for Cover
12.) binky mack - Taken Over
13.) Malign20 - Hopes and Dreams
14.) Queen Josie - Young Men of Today (Spoken Word)

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