The X-Vandals will be in Los Angeles for the Latin Rap Festival on November 18th.

There are looking for shows in the Bay Area in the weekend of November 14th-17th.

We will help organize shows in Los Angeles for the X-Vandals as well.

"The guerrilla fighter needs full help from the people of the area.
This is an indispensable condition" - Che Guevara

X-Vandals (War of Art) is an x-periment in sound and fury. An attempt
to get a real(ity) message out to the masses/massive without sleeping
with the (major/corporate) enemy, or pandering to anyone in any way.
X-Vandals (and it's record label, Resister) is truly independent (in
the way when that STILL meant something) and DIY (do it yourself) like
that used to signify when you really did it yourself (without help or
handouts from "the man") with your own two (or four) dirty hands (and
soar feet) and infinite imagination. ...

That's the way Hip Hop (and punk) USED to be, and that's the way it
will be again.... But only if the people who (really) want it (and need
it), support it, in real, viable, honest, useful and revolutionary
(yes, i used that word) ways......

Hip Hop ain't dead.... it's just been hijacked.... But we stealin' it

this a stick up, MF.....

Here's some places where you can get X-Vandals The War of Art
(independent for real) debut release in ya clutches. Spread the word:

Resister Records:

X-Vandals ifficial web page:

amazon:[/Of-Art-Explicit/ dp/B0019C1OGW/ ref=sr_1_ 1?


itunes: ?q=x-vandals+ the+war+of+ art

scratching at the signs of the surface,

N4P + X-Vandals