BlackNotes Family/Community Member:

The time has arrived for the release of BlackNotes' new CD, "Insights"!
We are very excited about it, and confident that you will truly enjoy
and appreciate it. Attached is the CD Cover image, providing you with a
visual display of the dynamics of the music that BlackNotes is bringing forth
with this new CD project. We call our music SWARM Music, an acronym that
stands for "Spoken Word * African Rhythms * Melodies". The "Melodies" part of the formula includes soulful singing and full musical instrumentation
(keyboard, bass, horns, ...). BlackNotes delivers positive, insightful
messages incorporated into unique, beautiful, funky music. In a
separate email, you will receive an invitation to our CD Release party
on February 26. Hopefully you will be able to attend and get your copy
of the new CD hot off the press!! For further information about
BlackNotes, visit our website at


Director, BlackNotes