'Give Me What You Owe' (..an ode to the Reparations Movement)

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1. New Generation (Malcolm X)
2. Spark the Revolution ft. Rock
3. Baritone Scholar
4. Give Me What You Owe (remix)
5. You Were Born in Jail (Malcolm X)
6. Fukk the System
7. Pac Left ft. Lil One
8. Hit That Lick
9. A Day in the Life
10. Eyes on the Prize (Freedom Song)
11. Get Out 2 Vote
12. I`m Getting Righteous
13. Gangsta
14. Baritone Scholar (remix)
15. Burn That Flag
16. Agape (unconditional love)
17. Move, Shake
18. Murder in the 1st Degree ft. NLOE

'Sound Doctrine' ..coming soon