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2/3/2005 3:40:57 PM - by geffen

Check out video stills from the upcoming video for "The Corner" directed by Kanye West in the ABOUT section. Look for the video to be done later this month.

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Kanye West / Common '"The Corner" Video Shoot (Day 2)
2/1/2005 10:11:36 AM - by BKyle

The Hawk was out again... but wasn't as bad. (Translation: it was warmer than yesterday)

A glimpse into VIDEO SHOOT Day 2, B.Kyle Style
Yesterday, I neglected to mention that Common got a fever after the shoot. It was at 100, but after successfully taking steps too get better for the next day, he (along with the crew) started today with a charge... and the attitude of a true trooper. Of course he tried to take it easy since the weather IS NO JOKE. These 4 days are crucial, really. lead single video shoot AND promo pictures and album cover pictures over 4 consecutive days. that's a lotta work back to back. And there's a lil bit of recording and mixing to do for the album monday and Tues. This cats is puttin'-in-work and COMIN' WITH IT this time around. My guess is that the video will be out in about 2 to 3 weeks.
Wait!! Can I just say that as I'm typing this ish, there's a couple in the room next door GETTING IT IN!!!!!! I mean damn... the chic is kinda vocal. I'm trying to focus on this post and all I hear are moans, and oooohs, and... aight, Nevermind. GET YA FREAK ON!!! I guess Chicago has a way of bringing it out of us, huh?

Speaking of Getting Busy... I have to put you up on some cats that have been putting it down for a WHIIIIIILE. They are truly our poetic hip-hop ancestors, but man... The Last Poets are some deep cats. Period. Do your research on them and give a listen... ONLY if you appreciate good material. Try to get your hands on their recordings from the 60's and 70's.

A new and clear view of Corners...Got to chat it up with an idol of mine today... Director Dave Meyers. One thing he brought up, is how unique it is to have the director of the video also be the person who created the song. He feels that the over-all vision for it is so self contained, full, and complete that that something that doesn't happen often at all. To be that ONE CREATOR at those different levels is very unique. We then had a good laugh as folks would scream out to Kanye and Common from the streets. Dave said, "Kanye is the only person that I've ever seen cause such a ruckus on the set as a video director". I had a blast.

Speaking of little things meaning a lot.....While leaving the Regal Theater location, a guy managed to get Common's undivided attention... wanting Common to hear him spit a verse (that's "Say A Rap" for you slow folk). The timing couldn't have been worse, but it was JUST as the crew climbed into vans... scrambling to get to the next location. When he finished, Com asked some interesting questions about what he wanted to do with his music, and other stuff... and dude was very pleased with the time he took to give him some insight. He felt his timing to freestyle was wrong... but he was taking this shot to have a van full of strangers see him Go For His. There was a lotta genuine respect about it all. it was evident and clear that he was grateful for the wealth of feedback he got. 2 minutes later, the van pulls out of the lot where the 2 gents are strolling to the train. So while looking out the window... (and here's where hip-hop shows it's seamless bond) it was realized that dude and his homie were also over at a previous location from earlier in the day. Since it was a long way, and we were heading back there, Common opened the van door and offered the pair a ride.THAT is a great sign of caliber of guy he is. He didn't have too, but he realized that they made efforts to connect with him for just a moment. Messed up part is... they got in and pulled out a guns and then stuck us up. SIKE, naw. Small thing to one person can be a life-long memory for someone else. The lesson here, kids: If you ever need a ride from Common... just start rappin'.

Hey y'all... these two next door!!! I'm tryin to tell you. If it aint Midnight Love playin on B.E.T.,. these cats brought their own Slow Jams CD to screw, bang, and groove to. Er-few minutes I hear a familiar song and go, "I don't remember that deep moan in this song!?!.... oh wait... that must be ole girl".
Moving right along...
Okay... The Negro League cafe spot has a vibe-and-a-half to it. I've always said I loved Chicago! I sooo swear I do, man. there seem to be such a wealth of history and character to this city. The way this video is making it seem, it's got EVERYTHING! It's a bit like my home of Philly. I need to get some Garrett's popcorn shipped to me. Damn. I know Garrett's is the "touristy-thing" to do in Chicago... BUT EFF IT! We get folks addicted to Rita's Water Ice. ~pokes out tongue~
Watch for ya boy B.Kyle on MTV's 'Making of the Video' too. You'll see my big ol head up in it quite a bit.
ummm... oh, Kenny Gravalis is here to be on-hand to over-see the album cover photo shoot this weekend. For those unfamiliar with the name... you know his work. His company has done some of our very familiar favorite album covers and stuff. (Like Water For Chocolate, The Tipping Point, Mary's 'Mary', Things Fall Apart, Nelly Furtado, Phrenology, Fade to Black movie poster, Badu.... they just killin it) Anyway, he came through with a comp of 'The Corner' single art work. Looks like a good fit of the vibe of the single. I'd start describing it but you'll see it soon enough.
Okay, that couple next door is done screwin' now. I can hear that classic 'Just-After-Sex-Shower' water turn on. Ha ha. A hint for the kiddies out there: That's a sign that they aint married. Some of y'all folks know JUST wtf I'm talking about too. LOL.
I've said enough.... I got another early wake up call for tomorrow. Gotta dip. SORRY FOR ANY/the/my TYPOS. I'm not caring tonight...LOL
Brian 'B.Kyle' Atkins

Kanye West / Common '"The Corner" Video Shoot
2/1/2005 10:07:03 AM - by BKyle

DAMN it's COLD in Chicago! COLD I tell you ! ! !


B.Kyle's Video shoot Diary : DAY 1

Did I mention it's cold??? Being outside for hours on the South Side of Chicago at 79th and Cottage Cove didn't help either. Yes, we thuroghly rep'd the hood. For those that give-a-hoot, Kanye West is the Director of the 'The Corner' music video. I gotta tell ya... his inspiration, motivation, and execution are of equal geuine genius. From my conversations with Kanye about the approach and concept of the video, it's bound to be a solid representation for Common, the song, and the Windy City itself. (Did I mention how cold it is?)

The concept is to have the video be like visual poetry... making the landscapes and cityscapes as artistic and beautiful as possible. As Kanye told me, "I want it to look almost Gothic. Like, man...Beautifiul. I wanna show the hood like we aint never showed it. it's beautiful when you really look at it. I want to shoot it like... like we in Rome, or some real old architecture type feel. I just wanna make it look... BIG and like old school Roman times". Lemme tell you.... it's coming OFF!

He's getting what he wants.

dawg... when school let out... IT WAS WRAP!!! There was sooo much yelling and shouting to Common it was nuts. Horns honking like wild. DOZENS of dudes were pointing at their homies while yelling to Kanye from accross the street that their homie had madd rhymes. We had a ball out there! Girls actually fought eachother near the monitors over which one liked Kanye most. ha ha. And of course, "Put me in the video!" Bananas. After about 20 minutes of that, it started to get a lil outta hand, but the N.O.I. had their pimp-hand-strong in the Chi. It was getting a bit... hectic though. I aint gonna front.

Moving right along... LOCATION TWO was down at Washington Park. Washington somethin?!?! it was too cold to be rememberin' locations. Not-for-nothin'... I'm from Philly, dawg. With only Common in the shot... it was a fabulous location with a baseball field fully covered with purely driven show... while trees canvased the background against a warm, amber, setting Chicago sun. (It seemed STRAIGHT out of a magazine.) Keep in mind we were still reppin' the hood!! Don't get it twisted. We could smell Harol's Chicken from up the block. In fact, we even had a fight break out. Yes. I shot the making of both the "Come Close" AND "The Light" videos... no fights! COMMON IS MAKING A REAL HIP HOP VIDEO NOW!!!!.... PUNKS! lol

Common. Keeping it gully since Jan 2005.

Since pictures are soooo much fun, I'mma get some stills for the Monday News update. Maybe. I'm not making any promises... but we'll see. MORE LATER.

Aight, I have an early wake up call set. Gotta break out.


Brian 'B.Kyle' Atkins

Tid Bits:
- AMAZIN'!!! Members of the last Poets came through! They gonna be in the video. Hottness.
- Lake Michigan is frozen over. looks like the surface of the moon.
- If I eat ANYTHING else from the spot "Soul Vegitarian" I'm gonna scream. I'mma need a Pork BLT by Sunday.
- Damn... it's cold.


- Chi OKPs Donnie, Squeeg, Leah ! ! ! Grab some Garrett's popcorn for me!!!?

- To OKP "Chicago**something**.(damn). Anyway... thanks for the support. Glad you dig what I do. Oh, I'll be by the shop to cop some gear on Sat.

- I was VERY happy to see OKP legend membaer labelGuy! (I'm glad we laughed together about that 'e-mail'. lol. Man... you are my BIGGEST supporter over "there". You are ALWAYS appreciated! Never lose sight of that fam. Please, yo.) hey label Guy, get ready for your close up when I come to L.A.

- Kanye, you aight with me. now. LOL.


XXL Magazine's Top 10 Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Albums of '05
1/26/2005 2:48:05 PM - by geffen

Title: B.E.

Beats: Kanye West ("Faithful," "Go," "Food," "Chi-City") and Jay Dilla ("It's Your World"). "The sound is raw and soulful with drums that reall knock," says Com. "Kanye and Jay have been bringin' this type of musc. Tha is what I want, I'm not takin' the other stuff."

Features: John Legend and Bilal ("Faithful"), Bilal and Roy Hargrove ("It's Your World"), Kanye West ("Food," "Go"). John Mayer ("Go"), DJ A-Trak and DJ Dummy ("Chi-City")

First Single: "Go"

FYI: The first single was inspired by Common, Kanye and John Mayer seeing the movie Ray. "Go" is about going back to you fantasy. The funny part is we came into the studio after me, Kanye and John Mayer went to see Ray and Kanye started makin' that beat and started messin' with this chant. John came with an idea like, "Why don't you talk about a fantasy or somethin'?" The first thought was to talk about a girl that you used to go with, and I was like, "Oh, hell naw!"