Hip-Hop News Anchor Jasiri X on location at the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama delivers the Season Finale of This Week with Jasiri X.

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The internationally received ground breaking series, This Week with Jasiri X, culminates its current season on location at the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama. Directed by the legendary Grand Arkitech of X-Clan, Paradise Gray, season two's final installment, entitled Our Defining Moment, produced by Omar Abdul, finds Jasiri X poignantly addressing the personal responsibility of each constituent in this defining moment in world history. Taking his cue from our new President, on location at the emotional celebration of this historical accomplishment in Washington, D.C., Jasiri X takes his place at the mic addressing the hip hop nation with a message of hope and responsibility. Guerrilla Funk is currently in negotiations with Jasiri X for both album and film projects. Be sure you are subscribed to www.guerr! illafunk.com for updates.

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About Jasiri X:

Jasiri X is a MC, activist, entrepreneur and a founding member of One HOOD, a group comprised of strong young leaders determined to heal the wounds of the community with a proactive approach. As President of LYRICS Inc. (Leading Young Rappers in Career Success), he successfully navigates communication with today's youth via speaking (and teaching to adults) the language of Hip-Hop while analyzing both the positive and negative of this growing phenomenon.

This Week with Jasiri X, the groundbreaking Hip-Hop news series, continues to take the hip-hop world by storm. Each episode of This Week With Jasiri X features your Hip-Hop News Anchor Jasiri X reporting relevant news over the undeniably hottest beats. Weekly, Jasiri X provides a rapidly growing internet audience with the most creative and interesting delivery of current events. Using lyrical skills, controversial subject matter and phat beats, Jasiri X shows and proves that real Hip-hop is not in the least bit dead. Chuck D of Public Enemy once boldly declared that "Hip-hop is the CNN of the ghetto" - no artist better embraces or embodies that concept than Jasiri X.