I miss the love and the hate, but no worries i’m almost home. Let me start off by saying, god damn! It seems like 40 glocc put a 40 glocc virus in my website. That ***** is all over the place. That’s my comrad and i asked him to keep interesting while i’m away, but god damn! But, it’s all-good. I love my ***** for real. 40 is a lot like me cause we are two very outspoken individuals. We speak our minds and rarely ever hold back. That scares a lot of people cause people are scared of confrontation. They’re scared that they will offend somebody and then have to deal with it. It’s strange to me. Since when did this hip-hop thing of ours become filled with so much fear? Hip-hop, just like rock’n’ roll, was created in the poverty stricken black communities as a way to express ourselves threw music. A way to rebel against the corrupt government and people who tried to keep us down and out.

Hip-hop and rock’n’roll is rebel music. No matter where it is now or the changes it’s gone threw, it will always be rebel music created by people that have been threw hell, so they had nothing ell’s to fear. Think about this for a moment, after all these years of land theft, slavery, murder, genocide, lynching, rape, racisim, and segragation back in the days to the land theft, mental slavery, murder, genocide, racisim and segragation of this very day. (and don’t tell me racisim or segragation is over. Just look at most of the t.v. Shows, movies, advertisements, “top models” or the covers of most “major” magazines. Not to mention the 9 to 5 corporate world racisim and segragation is alive and kicking blacks in the ass.)

after, all these years of delivering pure evil to this planet. You people have the nerve to act like it’s all in the past and rebels like prodigy shouldn’t address these issues? I should just put on a tight (european cut) outfit, wave a gucci scarf, learn to use the word “swagger,” and make “safe *****” music instead of my rebel, reality rap that made mobb deep so popular from 1993 to 2000 and now. I shouldn’t rock the boat and get “massa” angry. No sir, don’t want to get massa angry cause then my career will get “black” balled and i’ll be “black” listed. (you know i’m bout to spazz, right?)

listen up, **** the tight european cut (they sell that same exact outfit in a xxl or xxxl), **** massa, **** a blackball and a blacklist, **** gucci, **** “swagger,” **** all you safe flamingo ass *****s that’s scared to rock the boat and **** that boat too. I’ll flip that ***** over. Some people are very upset with prodigy right now cause i remind them of the truth. They don’t want truth--they want fantasy. They want to stay in their little european cut world where they feel safe and far removed from the rebels who rock the boat. Rebels like; malcolm x, tupac, dr. York, chuck-d, farrakhan, professor griff, sista souljah, martin luther king, dave chappelle, paul mooney, spike lee, mos def, talib, dead prez, and andre 3000—just to name a few. You got a lot of fradulent rebels and revolutionaries who are really false prophets. They are opportunist who put on a rebel/revolutionary cloak for some short term goal like an album promotion, or it’s the latest trend they want to follow and appear intelligent and “in the know,” or they want to make it seem like they want to create change when all they really want to create is some good publicity and change in their pockets. When they get confronted and called out by people like me, they say things like-“people don’t want to think, they want to have fun and party.” and a number of other lame excuses they use to slide their way out of the debate or conversation. They really just don’t give a **** but are scared to speak their minds and say “listen, i don’t give a **** about all that ****. I just make money.” i can respect that more than trying to act like prodigy is wrong or crazy.

Look, i can understand if you’re scared to rock the boat and speak the truth that will help set enslaved young black minds free. You wanna get rich and feed your family. I understand—completely. But, at what point do we celebrities, who can influence millions of people, say, “okay, i got money up, my family is good, i’m famous, i made it.” oh, i get it! First you were scared to speak the truth and help free young black minds cause you thought it would stop you from being a big success, and now that you’ve made it “big,” you’re scared of revealing the truth cause you don’t want to lose your “star power,” your access into the european cut club. People are so full of ****!!!

They don’t want no parts of this revolution and that’s okay, it’s not for safe flamingo ass *****s. I want to end this blog with another subject real quick.

When i say that this prison time allowed me to repair my relationship with the most high, i’m not referring to my verse on “pearly gates.” my verse on that song is about the european “god” in the european bible, and the european “jesus” which is really zeus (je-zues). It’s not about the nubian most high and tammuz where the europeans tole their “god” and juesus story from. And, yes, i want to be just like malcolm x. As a matter of fact, i am malcolm x!!! You ain’t get mad at spike lee for saying that in his movie, so why you so upset with prodigy? People are so full of shhit….