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      Blackicon Peace Sarasutenseti VS. Ishmael Allah who's correct on American Civilization

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      YouTube - Sarasutenseti VS. Ishmael Allah who's correct on American Civilization (VIEWERS DECIDE) Part I[/ame]

      [ame=""]YouTube - Morgan Freeman on Race and Black History Month[/ame]

      Peace be upon you

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      i got mixed feelings about stuff like this cause #1 some of us get over emotional and the EGO comes out hard n we take things PERSONAL.....and that opens up room for snakes to come tryin exploit that, divide n conquer willy lynch shit you feel me but at the same time on the other hand its good cause steel sharpens just gotta be on a level of mental-sparring between FAMILY and not a ''battle''

      Our people are the ORIGINAL people so I could see us being here in the west also.....just look at the continents..... South America would be far west-Africa

      i dont know for sure if that spot in Mexico(vera cruz?) was the FIRST civilization of the Americas but thats prime real estate right there.... look on a map how the north n south america come together like a funnel....same in the east.... got these huge land masses with east africa, kemet/egypt and the so-called middle east in the middle.... prime real estate....... how many people would be comen thru there? thats like having Time Square on the earth got them planet-charkas as i call em, the global energy grid, high energy points that alot of ancient civilization got built on...... this whole earth is ours but certain spots we was able to hold onto longer than others

      but WE ARE A GLOBAL PEOPLE !!!! BEFORE the European was even around !!!!!!!! Nagas are everywhere on this earth and we gotta connect the dots, piece the puzzle back together

      when i 1st saw this a while back I thought Morgan Freeman was smoking crack or something.........but now i take it as....
      I'm gonna stop calling you a WHITE* man...... (pure, holy, innocent,etc)

      And I want you stop calling me a BLACK* man..... (filthy, corrupt, wicked,sinful,etc)
      that 'black/white' thing is some Sebek/Eshu/Legba shit........trickery......we are dark so we're ''black'' and they are pale so they are ''white''. look at damn near and word with black in front of it as an adjective and the 'black' part fucks it up. its somethin to mess with your head.

      Negro OR Necro (death/dead) ???
      etc etc

      but even a ''White'' Lie makes a LIE better !!

      maybe thats where he was going with it...........

      Melanin/Carbon n all that is one thing but i think he's talking bout the 'black' as an adjective or status (dirty,guilty, corrupt,wicked,etc)

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      Ishmael Allah enjoyed smashing that brutha (Sa-ra know who I'm talking about) just a little bit "too much" for my taste. He could NOT hide the fact that he was enjoying himself in the least bit.

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