Local and National Artists Perform at Benefit Concert Promoting African Liberation and Unity

A diverse lineup of African artists and musicians, from traditional African drumming to salsa meringue to hip hop, will perform

Friday, May 22nd
at the Carlos Rosario School Auditorium
1100 Harvard St. NW in Washington, DC

The Black and Proud Concert opens a weekend of African Liberation Day events organized by the Uhuru (Freedom) Movement.

Program highlights include

  • Hometown favorite DJ Soyo
  • New Jersey based rapper Hassan Salaam
  • Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers
  • Afro-Cuban salsa meringue band DC Casineros
  • Spoken word poet, Thirteen
  • Senegalese hip hop duo Wageble
  • Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers
  • Three Generationz, the DC based singing trio that is Nata’aska HumminBird, Maimouna Youssef, and N’avasha Daya of the world-renowned soul band Fertile Ground.

These artists represent the cultural component of the growing African Internationalist movement that is uniting African people everywhere in the struggle for African freedom and independence.

Hip hop artist and political organizer Africa’s Trigga, who embodies the concert theme “liberation meets culture,” will also perform. He attracted national media attention last year for asking Obama, “What about the black community?” and has been on the front lines of struggles against police oppression in African communities across the country.

The concert will be followed by a two-day conference aimed at putting revolutionary ideas into action. Students, activists, organizations and individuals from across North America are expected to attend and will engage in strategizing with the program’s dynamic speakers and workshops on the concrete work of building a liberated and united African nation.

Tickets $20 benefit African Liberation Day. For more information contact 202.580.8276, dc@alduhuru.org or visit African Liberation Day.