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Freedom Speaks Ink offers Writing, Editorial, and Publishing services for progressive individuals and organizations. Our services include Typing, Business Plans, Resumes, Content/Copy Editing, Press Releases, Newsletters, Chapbook Publishing, Freelance Articles, Grantwriting, Proofreading, and more. Whether your project requires AP Format, MLA, or just plain slang, our experienced associates take pleasure in helping you complete a project.

In addition to assisting you with the best possible written presentation of your work, Freedom Speaks Ink also has two subsidiaries dedicated to inspiring you with the Omnipotent power of Spoken Word.

Freedom Speaks: the poet is a dynamic performer and motivational speaker, notorious for unapologetically speaking up for our children and speaking out against social and political ills. Don't forget to check out her bio and poetry products and keep her in mind when booking edutainment for your next event. All performances and lectures are tailored to suit your needs. . The Village Venue is a community poetry read in an Afrikan Village setting, that seeks to reclaim the tradition, inspiration, excitement, and high status of the Afrikan Griot sharing his spoken words with the community. Please be sure to check out the Griotsville Foundation tab to find out about our non-profti programs that may benefit you.

For more information about Freedom Speaks Ink please call us at (404) 381-9351 or email