I'm eventually at the end of a long period of preparations to make begin my career (webby, cd, record companies and labels attentions...etc). I chose autoproduction's processes to launch my album. It will be in stores tomorrow and will be the start of a continuous promotion act.

I'm develloping my musicians' crew for the first showcases and possible festivals, working on a video to-release and handling a long-persuasive talk with Sony (We'll see if they suddenly brush it all off), 'hopes not,lol. Anyway, the album is out tomorrow.

p.s: Do Not Worry! The Album Will Get To You Someday Around.

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YouTube - ‪Tedjosya Fila Kazi-Everlast‬‏
Breaking Down
YouTube - ‪Tedjosya Fila Kazi-Breaking Down‬‏
Black French [Feat. Djialla Dji]
YouTube - ‪Tedjosya Fila Kazi-Black French [ Feat. Djialla Dji ]‬‏

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