Hey brothers and sisters, I have finally reached my final version of my album.
Best quality sound and period of time fitness..
Not that I waited a perfect time to start promoting it (just a need to have less things to do to defend it through its proper aspect) but I think that weíre getting into times when existence must be now restored and cured at the core.
I am suggesting to you that youíd buy the cd at the internet platforms for digital sales so you could be accompanied on the real in the spheres and atmospheres of today lifeís complications.
I deal with existential matters most of ghetto youths encounter and I firmly believe that the matters must be dealt with deep within to shallow without (at least the necessary amount to also give an advice to the ones who need one)
Itís being connected to God to bring salvage in the mind out.
I wonít do a prophet play or a totalitary direction, all knows itís impossible to sell 7 billions copies of what people already have access to from themselves but the album I propose can lift hopes to where theyĎre achievable on the concrete extent.
Itís a mind affair.
I did with spirituality piled on existentiality themselves piled on down-to-earthness.
You can privately try the mind height you want to be at with those levels each of the tracks is compounded with.

I have used rapís aura and attitude to convey my message so anyone of the wildest and illest might also have a chance to make prevail his or her parts of rightness to devellop.
If they donít want to, only what nourishes them will be their future.
Anyways, who cares for someone elseís choices?...but God's.
Itís neutral.
I must admit though rigor was needed all along so as to not let believe lightness of consideration could do, that is on the rapís account.
I can assure that the vibes in the cd joint all lead to contentment and the full room to proceed to make something long-yearned for out of it.
Moreover, as I said, the lyrics will pass you hints and help to path corrections, if everything was ok with you, do recommend the hints and help all the same as youíre passing yours.
Time is for overall conscience and Iíll let gathered the ones whoíll be able to wait before Godís doors in their mind without being unright toward, remorseful for or scared of what mustnít be made as explained or compared to in the said cd.
Itís my astralworks, and itís good entertainment all along.

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Full artist name pronunciation: Ted.joze.yah Fee.lah. Kah.zee.


p.s: Iíll be keeping the thread for info.