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      quick keeystyle for the people

      0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
      everyday i spit more bars puffin a leaf
      while taser guns are leavin more scars under the t's
      in the ghetto u get a slow start stuck in the beast
      ghost cars hummer the streets soldier duck the caprice
      and those dark blue crown vics fuck the police
      they blow sparks while the coast guards shuttle in keys
      and offcourse ya wont starve so ya hustle or theive
      wit no heart for a couple of g's, they so smart
      but i know god so i dont trust in a preist wit 4 cars
      this is s gunz under the sleeves
      wit those bars but no holds on my people
      i unshackle the facts to all my people
      and shoot that baldheaded eagle...
      cuz i hate to see my shorty go make runs
      but his fam needs bread and he wont take cums
      we in a warzone but yet we dont make guns
      but pass the german luger
      cuz were lookin at a 1935 german future.....

      ima out...Black Power

      Its Bigger Than Hip-Hop....

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      0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
      yea J/O this is a nice flow, still waiting on them new joints
      Thirty eight years ago on 12/04/2009 the united snakes murdered Fred Hampton & Mark Clark, this date also marks the 6 year anniversary of the launching of this site in solidarity of these martyrs.

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