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    Thread: Saul Williams

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      If yall never heard this brotha's poetry. Check it out...

      Forward to ONE Unified Liberated Africa

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      good lookin brotha,
      another great writer to look u to
      with understanding of the past, and a vision for the future, we create the present.
      -Ise Lyfe

      to have a black male spend a 3rd of his life in a jail cell
      cuz the world is controlled by a white male
      and the people dont ever get justice
      and the women dont eva get respected
      and the jobs dont eva pay enough
      so the rent always be late
      can you relate? we live'n a police state.
      -Dead Prez

      masa, i aint pickin that cotton no mo!!.

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      yeahhhh brothas NICE !!! that SLAM movie got to me on sum real shyt...mannn dat coulda been ME !! good to see sumone like him out in tha open 4 tha people 2 see...

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