After the counteracts I have posted against Ms Lauryn Hill for the readers’ minds to wave and stand strong for their own, I have to convey indications as for what makes my link with the girl and I won’t go far into what people might expect from such a matter-of-fact. You, Highkings and queens, must pertain to the high one in your innermost considerations. Do not place a face or an aim being to who isn’t your high one. Ms Lauryn Hill and I were a joke and its laughter in regards of “Blunted On Reality”, a try and its carelessness in regards of “The Score”, a doubt and its disclaim in terms of “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. Yes, it is untrue that the promotion of my disc had to take soar for beginning of exploitation; it’s just that my soulbrother and I wanted to shame Ms. Hill and her mate up. The voice you have heard on the internet is the voice Lauren, Noelle Hill wanted to have up, so I kept it for myself.

Despite floating from pre-teen voice (Sister Act II) to tomboy lady (The Fugees), or other finger-plugged nose voice which breathed romantic astral affair concerning me and the guy pausing on “Boof Baf” video clip which “Distorted Normality” by myself is dedicated to and bound to be interpreted by him in his actual lifetime, to lukewarm-fire-typed voice (MTV Unplugged 2.0) which conveys the consumption Ms. Hill hence exacts for the length of timespace she has been existing so that no past mistakes surfaces and so that she is as over as The Holy Bible’s story’s duration ; she won’t have to crunch Adam’s head twice breaking her heel. She had done it astrally first where their shapes were created by me and made, by Anthony Field, and it terrestrially echoed by 2011 when she rushed late with jingles meant to accuse Lonnie “Adam” Lynn. She failed. She nurtures him and can’t erase what’s of the past.

Indeed, whether I let my voice remain feminine or insisted on self-underestimating Common’s inner feminity by making the soul of the boy I was born like sing through Lauren, it never changed the bottom line: I are to smother evil. No unnatural elopement which could take wings in the follow-up of Humanity. I, precisely, am bound to rejoin my next lifetime on the human existence’s sphere which is the 508th I will have performed. My soulmate, who was born on Sunday, may 20 2012 in Brooklyn, New-York,NY is the universal quantum leap operate to undo Ms Lauryn Hill and her soul abettor Common, two subliminal wind-geared images. Every one of His Creatures will then have the opportunity to beget their aspirations and not the come-off-its’. My life of now will not end up without I have not told you she has been the enieth and last reincarnation of my given name Eve among others…The helium diva made of God Himself’s rotten organic matter is going to be astrally remodeled by the realm of Inexistance, now only the dictionary must explain to thee where the word reaches.

For as same for The Guy Man, compiled of one of The Living God’s appearance and His Holy Ghost’s vapor-liquefied fire with an old-dated Black Pool’s astral hydrogen’s fluids, the two opposite duplicates which are reinversed of themselves from no habitual feminity (fire) and masculinity (antimatter) carriage will be held off by who both created and made them, and by the people they affected who’ll claim better without a dint of The Christ, whom isn’t less of a funpoker at the couple’s path. God will show His Image off in terms of spirituality, religion and existentiality so that all, absolutely all, takes wings to celestial fields in the mind. Myself, just like I’d told you I am Goddess, will explain thru songs and visuals together with my atomic mate what is of the Ms Hill’s persona and tact as for passing on 11,000 year-lasting rekindled love to her folks since I was involved every time on my side. Who I am will display how earnest it is with The Original compared with The Duplicate.

Knowing nothing about themselves, the two-ones will have to be joined back by their kids and elderly: daughter-Beyoncé Knowles (Selah), son-Method Man (Joshua), maternal father-Damon Hall, paternal mother-Mary-Jane Blige and the other kins in order to be taught what they’ll’ve missed out on Queen Evil Heaven and King Adam Hell for the achievement of purgatory life and having their reigns (over feminity [fire] and masculinity [antimatter]) so everything was a sham to present tenses in the future like incest, pedophilia, homosexuality, zoophilia, masturbation, adultery and tutti quanti…especially those who were on their boat of so mindsets). Only answered fantasy and nurtured ecstasy will relinquish the soul and spirit a human being has got in respectively Passion and Love to self-continuity beyond the times, when it is so. The Sole God will pass out His Revelations onto Humanity’s expectations and states leading to the sight everybody will perceive clearly and same.

Ms Lauryn Hill wanted to be the boy I’ll ‘ve been and she has no clue how to: no encounterance and no meeting, all along. Common wanted to protect The Core Of The Light by proclaiming he was God on Ms Lauryn Hill’s fruit eating’s behalf which intended to bestead of God. Both pretending and besteading, Ben-Anthony Crawford will reveal to all common people how Antimatter keeps record of intents and flawednesses…Never follow them. Do what you must do, analyze whether you’re right with your mind and conscience so you wouldn’t get crunchified by the new thugs. All along, the Black Pools have been turning The Wheel of Destiny and we are now elevating to the first overpoint of the Time Spiral. So, yeah, I will have shifted to woman for no more shifts but if you’d like to become girl or boy again clear of sexual confusion, part of it or parted from it, would you make the choice? Only ‘maybe’ or ‘no doubt’ are the Astral Answers for the Matter.

The distance between what waves speak in the outer space for leisure and how they get felt by those who need the outer space for bearings won’t ever be a justification for mind care should have been handled prior. You could be born female for godly Passion to your soulgirl, male for heavenly Love’s Notions to your soulboy or in the middle of these two human species with a gender in accordance with your specie and be a girl who doesn’t await her Passion Soul or a boy who doesn’t await his Love Spirit. Here again, from my counterpart’s view about all this, only ‘maybe’ or ‘no doubt’ are the Astral Mechanics of Death for the AntiMatter.

Haphazard drafts everything off at each new lifetime but make sure and possible that the Time Spiral didn’t save you the receptors of what made you in your past so as for you to not to get mocked by your fellowmen and your friends like Ms Lauryn Hill when she was Rosa Park or Common when he was Norval Sinclair Marley and you would be The Gods And The Goddesses The Torah, The Bible and The Q’Ran’s Knowledge grant to every believer who pursues the Supreme Divine God and His Holy Divine Spirit with nurturing inside of themselves. The soulmates will be able to get along well with others and won’t have to chase after beings who aren’t their part, avoiding thus heartaches and inexistant bad-beings no matter the clothes they wear they never publicly change all in the void for nobody to heal from my soulbrother and I’s duplicates themselves, Media “Mediatic” Whore and Public “Promotion” Gay. You may as well watch an erotic movie with penetrations in an uncanny story by God and Goddess amongst other jokes. May you wait for what you’ve got..//One.

Jahgreen Crawford, soulmate of Ben-Anthony “Bency Sworth” Crawford.

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Adam & Eve have turned good before God’s believers in the end…