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      Dec 2004
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      Talking happy birthday to tupac

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      he would have been 34 today. gone but not forgotten. R.I.P

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      "June 16th, 1971...mama gave birth to a hell raisin' heavenly son
      they say the doctor tried to slap me but I slapped him back
      my first words were "THUG FOR LIFE!!!" and "PAPA, PASS THE MAC!!!"--2PAC

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      Happy Birthday Brother 2Pac..You would be only 34 today..such a beautiful man taken away from young..we miss you.. Wessiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiideeeeeeeeeeee

      All Eyez on U
      (for 2Pac Shakur 1971-1996)
      Nikki Giovanni

      as I tossed and turned unable to achieve sleep unable to control

      anxiety unable to comprehend why
      2Pac is not with us
      if those who lived by the sword died by the sword there would be no
      white men on earth
      if those who lived on hatred died on hatred there would be no KKK
      if those who lived by lies died by lies there would be nobody on wall
      street in executive suites in academic offices instructing the young
      don't tell me he got what he deserved he deserved a chariot and
      the accolades of a grateful people
      he deserved his life
      it is as clear as a mountain stream as defining as a lightning strike
      as terrifying as sun to vampires
      2Pac told the truth
      there were those who called it dirty gansta rap inciting there were
      those who never wanted to be angry at the conditions but angry
      at the messenger who report: your kitchen has roaches your toilet
      is overflowing your basement has so much water the rats are in the
      living room
      your house is in disorder
      and 2Pac told you about it
      what a beautiful boy graceful carriage melodic voice sharp wit intellectual
      breadth what a beautiful boy to lose
      not me never me I do not believe east coast west coast I saw
      them murder Emmett Till I saw them murder Malcolm X I saw
      them murder Martin Luther King I witnessed them shooting
      Rap Brown I saw them beat LeRoi Jones I saw them fill their jails
      I see them burning churches not me never me I do not believe
      this is some sort of mouth action this is some sort of political
      action and they picked well they picked the brightest freshest
      fruit from the tallest tree what a beautiful boy
      but he will not go away as Malcolm did not go away as Emmett
      Till did not go away your shooting him will not take him from us
      his spirit will fill our hearts his courage will strengthen us for the
      challenge his truth will straighten our backbones
      you know, Socrates had a mother she too watched her son drink
      hemlock she too asked why but Socrates stood firm and would
      not lie to save himself 2Pac has a mother the lovely Afeni had
      to bury her son it is not right
      it is not right this young warrior is cut down it is not right for
      the old to bury the young it is not right
      this generation mourns 2Pac as my generation mourned Till as we
      all mourn Malcolm this wonderful young warrior
      Sonia Sanchez said when she learned of his passing she walked all day
      walking the beautiful warrior home to our ancestors I just cried as all
      mothers cry for the beautiful boy who said he and Mike Tyson would
      never be allowed to be free at the same time who told the truth about
      them and who told the truth about us who is our beautiful warrior
      there are those who wanted to make him the problem who wanted
      to believe if they silenced 2Pac all would be quiet on the ghetto
      front there are those who testified that the problem wasn't the conditions
      but the people talking about them
      they took away band so the boys started scratching they took away
      gym so the boys started break dancing the boys started rapping
      cause they gave them the guns and the drugs but not the schools and
      what a beautiful boy to lose
      and we mourn 2Pac Shakur and we reach out to his mother and we
      hug ourselves in sadness and shame
      and we are compelled to ask:
      R U Happy, Mz Tucker? 2Pac is gone
      R U Happy?
      Ahoofe ntua ka, suban pa na hia- physical beauty does not count much, it is good character that counts.
      See a black man dead, from a white man's powder
      See a white man scared, from a black man's power~Timbaland

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      Tupac Amaru Shakur

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      Happy birthday 2Pac

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      Feb 2005
      In The Now
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      Lightbulb Blessed Beloved Warrior

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      Whatever his way in this life, I feel assured he made is way to a peaceful rest to to next.

      Hapi Earthday to this beautiful brother. Libations and Ashe Tupac Amaru Shakur.

      Black Beyond Belief

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      Barcelona (Spain)
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      How many brothas fell victim to tha streetz
      Rest in peace young nigga, there's a Heaven for a 'G'
      be a lie, If I told ya that I never thought of death
      my niggas, we tha last ones left
      but life goes on

      Elisa Marvena Nyarai

      SANKOFA Asociación Cultural

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      Dec 2004
      Afrika iz my Block but tha whole Earth iz my Hood
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      *pours a lil liqour

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      Jan 2005
      Where the Queen was setup.
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      Quote Originally Posted by SoularFlarez
      *pours a lil liqour

      and listening to "Pain"
      "You think if there really is a God, he would agree with the man that shot Joanne Chesimard(F*** Naw) You listen what I learn to tell, I got a prophecy them crackers that framed Herman Bell gonna burn in Hell.". Saigon

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      Aug 2005
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      "Tell mama dont cry, cuz even when they kill me, they can never take the game from a young G"

      Tupac A Shakur-

      ask ur self, R U Still Down? [Remember Him]

      Expect him, like u expect Jesus to come back, expect him, he's comin....

      "I heard a rumor I died, murdered in cold blood traumatized"

      "Tell me if im wrong, but saying fuck the world got ya deeper in my songs"

      "Somebody wake me, im dreamin, I started as a seed in the semen, swimmin up stream, planted in the womb, im screamin, on the top was my pops, my mama screamin stop, from a single drop, this is what they got, not to disrespect my people but my pops was a loser, only plan he had for mama was to fuck her and abuse her"

      "I wasnt mad until these tricks shot me, time to sanitize my posse"

      "If he died and cameback, would he try to save rap?"

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      Sep 2004
      modern day rome,belly of the beast!
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      Thumbs up son of afeni shakur!

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      by tupac" thats just the way it is,things will neva be the same,
      war in da streets,war in da middle east,all i see is racist faces,we under,things will neva be the same,thats the way it is..." thats one of my favorite songs,it may be lil fragmented people,but thats one my favorite songs coz speaks volumes to todays reality for us afrikan peoples



      sotito! sododo! soora masika!
      " perform truth,perform righteousness,perform kindness and avoid cruelty!"

      Nipa nye abe dua na ne ho ahyia ne ho. Or, Se mmerenkensono si ne ti ase a, na ewo dea asase reka kyere no. Also, Nnua nyinaa bewu agya abe.

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