Jay-Z's No Woman-Beater- OR is he? See the clip and decide for yourself.

Pulse Report: Jay-Z's No Woman-Beater
Friday - June 18, 2004
by Carl Chery (additional reporting by Rich Rock)

In this week's Pulse Report, the streets are buzzing about the 1999 video clip that mistakenly portrays Jay-Z as a woman-beater,

The 1999 Jay-Z "Mush" That's New News
Weeks ago, a video clip featuring Jay-Z "mushing" a woman in the face surfaced on the internet. The brief clip shows Hov entering a backstage area seemingly irritated before proceeding to "mush" a woman twice in front of his entourage, who watch without intervening. Many websites have reported on the clip, accusing Jay-Z of a recent assault on an innocent woman.

In fact, the video clip is nearly five years old, taken from footage in the 1999 movie Backstage, which highlighted the successful Hard Knock Life Tour. The woman in the clip is a Roc-A-Fella Records marketing executive and the hand-to-face action is some harmless rough-housing between "close friends." This is the official word on the clip, confirmed late Friday night by Roc-A-Fella Records.

(Please note that the views in this article do not reflect the views of the poster. It just happens to be the only article I can find reporting the situation. Please feel free to add any articles you find about this to this thread).