Floetry teaches Flo’Ology
Thursday - August 25, 2005
Verbal Walker

Blending their unique concoction of sensual sound and poetic justice, Floetry is set to return to the musical landscape with their third CD Flo’Ology on November 8th. This time, Marsha Ambrosius (the Songstress) and Natalie Stewart (the Floacist) remain true to form by uniting passionate vocals and elegant spoken word with the rhythms of classic soul, funk and a little bit of island spice.

But this album will be a bit different than their debut…

“ is less about victimization” Says Natalie. “It’s about women taking more responsibility for what goes on in our lives. On the first album, Marsha and I were 21 and 23. Now that we’re a bit more mature, we’ve come to a better understanding of ourselves and naturally that’s reflected on the album.”

While still working with Keith “Keshon” Pelzer and Darren “Limitless” Henson (“Let Me In” “Lay Down”), part of the musical force behind the first album, Floetry also enlisted the musical talents of Scott Storch who produced “My Apology,” & the first single “SupaStar” featuring Common. Other great producers include Rafael Saadiq (“Imagination”) and Whiteleaf Productions (“I’ll Die,” “Closer”).

Check for the album November 8th.