I have been sleeping on Reggae
No wonder WE in amerikkka/amurder ra have oooddddles of hip hop but lil reggae

Reggae promotes doing for self Black Naitonalism Reparations Separations Freedom Justice Equality Peace etc

hip hop is just pushing kilos expensive white branded items from resource pits in 3rd world misnamed 'independent nations'
AS a former dj i
didnt see no burning spear or peter tosh or bob marley only 'NEW" artists

still dont see these artists messages and calls for Freedom Justice Equality being played on Black radio stations
do you know the oldest Black radio station goes only Black to the seventies here in usa

WE are most oppressed spiritually mentally in usa
Those outside of usa are most oppressed materially physically

What an awakening Allah/Jah/Ra/Jehova/Yaweh/Amen etc has sent for us TTHHHAANNKKSSS!!!!

join an ALL Black organization and go from there in the spirit of KWAME TURE ...BlackPOwer