the devil is still running the amerikkkan plantation right folks? right

he/she is raising up black male musician knowing they guide and teach

he/she is forcing fall of black males as active fathers of boys AND GIRLS

his CONTROL PROTECTION GUIDANCE is allowing for mass incarceration in old plantation tricks

the Black female is just as disadvantaged as the Black male missing the father

turning to go it alone living,over reproducing under reproducing number and quality of children she wants, often gives up on kind of family she wants

and often accepts anything just to have something or goes to not having any family .

the protection guidance control of black children is replaced by gangs clicks organizations etc of the same age/experience and all our captives

forget this we gotta start our own nations outside anybody's control construction but black folks

bust them folks saying we looking for justice in amerikkka like farrakhan

we want separation and paying for

join us in finding land to build on