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    • About Cosmo Ausar Setepenra

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      Cosmo is a nutritionist, life coach, dietitian, personal trainer, author and spiritual advisor.

      At the age of sixteen, after self-educating himself about fitness, nutrition, and diet, Cosmo lost over eighty pounds in six months. He then joined the United States Marine Corps and earned the rank of Sergeant (E-5) in less than three years as one of the Corps most physically fit Marines. During his five years as a Marine, Cosmo spent two years in Japan and did one tour in Iraq. While stationed in San Diego, California, Cosmo became a highly esteemed and sought after nutritionist and personal trainer.

      After completing an Associate’s degree in General Studies at Central Texas College, Cosmo then attended Clark Atlanta University to further his education. After a year and a half at Clark Atlanta as a dean’s list student, he had a spiritual revelation that resulted in him dropping out of college, selling his two cars, giving away all of his material possessions, packing two suitcases and journeying to Africa—his ancestral homeland.

      While in Africa, Cosmo’s spiritual journey took him across Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Ghana and Burkina Faso. During that time he frequented the highly treasured and revered mountainous regions of Africa and was taught by Africa’s native spiritual practitioners and elder holistic healers.

      Cosmo has been an avid student of nutrition, health, fitness, personal transformation and spiritual mastery since the age of sixteen. He conducts sports nutrition workshops locally, nationally, and internationally. He has traveled nationally to over thirty States in the U.S., and internationally to The Bahamas, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Maldives (Island country near India), Iraq, and Africa to name a few.

      In addition to over twelve years of health, fitness, and nutrition experience, Cosmo also has extensive sports nutrition, life-coach, and spiritual counseling experience with fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes and spiritual seekers. In one-on-one sessions, he coaches his clients on ways to create a daily food plan that is successful and can be maintained over the long-term. He also helps them reach their optimal weight, diet, spiritual and personal growth goals.

      The Cosmo Way: Volume One: The Detox is the first of three volumes. Volume Two: The Ascension spotlights the more esoteric principles such as melanin, the Third Eye, and the often hidden metaphysical knowledge on prayer, meditation and mastering the-self relationship. Volume Three: The Practice will focus on the practical steps and exercises that give rise to superior health and higher consciousness. It will include detailed but simple to understand practices such as yoga, meditation, yogic breathing, postures, and mudras. Cosmo has also recently just finished authoring his most anticipated book titled The Laws of The Cosmos: Wisely Follow or Blindly Suffer—The Definitive Law Guide To Spiritual Success.
      About Cosmo

      For life coaching, counseling, and spiritual consultations email Cosmo at

      Also visit me at my other online home
      This article was originally published in blog: About Cosmo Ausar Setepenra started by Jacuma
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