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      Are we too spiritual

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      Hotep and all that nonsense

      I am a spritual being but dont get me wrong maat means balance.We have 'progressed' so much now we icons in the concious community saying we're gonna win the fight against the cracker on the planet voltron then we're gonna come back to earth riding a unicon and restart our Pan-Afrikan utopia on earth.When I came into conciousness the first thing I read up on was ancient kemet.Ancient kemet was sublime but ts called ancient kemet for a reason.We're gods on earth its not physical but its the mental/spirtuality that determines our actions.Like for instance we're not gonna bring real hip hop back by rocking gazzles,kangol hats and mixing on old nu-mark turntables.Thats a mundane reaction what we should be doing is supporting grassroots labels & artists,support originality and kick the crackers out the industry.It does'nt matter how many walls you spray paint or you breakdancin in your living room.Its the same with ancient kemet you wanna pysically go back 6,000 years and dont wanna mess with the present.Cheikh anta Diop presented us with the present tribes/nations that have reatained their kemetic influence.We forget kemet was composed of tribes and we forget that they live today.Which brings me onto Brother Hemmitt I love brother but bobby sometimes he is just plain silly ! I've been buying bobby's tapes for years (before youtube) but bobby's mainpoint is his biblogarphy
      he encourages people to read for themsleves and take his word I commend him for that.BUT dont tell to read no damn book some occultist cracker wrote when we can go to Afrika and get it first hand.Bobby boasts on his tapes (even on myspace) that he spends $200 on some books so he can relate the information to his people.This brother and others encourages our family to spend money on these cracker books when we can go to Afrika like the cracker that wrote the book and get the knowledge first hand.Theres old time priests that are the last in their line and have no devotees not willing to take up the baton eg. credo mutwa so they have to give info to the cracker honkeys the knowledge.And this is the real shame brothers like bobby telling our people not go to ile-ife just read some book and intiate yourself.

      All we are reading now is second hand knowledge we got some negroes mow like Reverand Valentine,Bobby hemitt,Brother panic and so on have progressed spiritual so much negroes like micheal jackson are revoloutionary spirits.If a white a woman moonwalking with one glove is revolution tell maddonna to holla at your boy.Musical taste is everyone's personal opinion/private business but telling people that the pyramids is gonna realign or some natural diaster because mj was a soul warrior and that we should be looking at his death is key to some holy revoutionary spirtual aspect is just silly.Thats what alot of sistas and brothers have been saying in the commnuity (not this site).You got Brother panic talking about how he gets info from the spirt realm from entertainers like ella fitzgerald.He saying the entertainers are the new sages so in the spirit realm brothers like marvin gaye are the orishas.You telling me after death Brothers like Malcolm,Kwame Ture, and Marcus Garvey are null and void ?
      We have some of these people talking about 2012 get ready for this and that if your ready now why the fuck do you care about all that shit.I ate sloppy last week did'nt do all my exercises.But I dont give a damn because I give my nutrition/exercise my all each week so I aint gotta up no ante.Its like if your a revolutionary warrior what the hell do you care about black history month you read black history everyday I dont give a damn about all that 2012 spookism bullshit cause I stay on my job !

      We have to ask questions about these teachers and where they going like talking about we gone fight the cracker in the spirit realm is much like the old negro preacher to look for your reward in heaven.The righteous Elijah Muhammed told us stop believing in the spook god and devil.The black man is god and the white boy is the devil so dont go back brothers and sisters and dont let nobody take you back.


      [ame=""]YouTube - Khallid Muhammad at the Metaphysical Masters Conference Part 7[/ame]

      No More Negro Stuff !!!



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      this is one of the best threads on this forum.

      I am absolutely SICK of the spiritual CONSCIOUS community thanks to these "metaphysical, Kemetic" cons.

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