As you all know, the Supreme Court of the United States has granted Troy Anthony Davis a temporary stay in order to review the case and make a decision on whether or not to try him on the Federal level. We must not become complacent with this development and we must increase public pressure. Towards that end, the Black August Planning Organization and the Nat Turner Rebellion are going to hold a rally and press conference in front of the US Supreme Courts steps at First Street & Maryland Ave NE at 11am on Monday 9-29. That is the day that the Justices will meet to discuss Troy's fate

We are calling on all to attend and we are calling for organizations to co-sponsor and participate in this effort. If you are interested in participating please respond to this e-mail as soon as possible. Remember, Troy's life is still at sake.

Straight Ahead!!!

Naji Mujahid, Black August Planning Organization

Thomas Ruffin, Nat Turner Rebellion - Black August - 29 - Male - Douglass City, Washington DC -