*The 50th Anniversary
of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution*

* *

*The D.C. Metro - Free the Cuban Five Committee *invites you to join with us
in celebrating this historic achievement.

Cuba's revolutionary success and survival these *50 years* comes from a
grassroots democratic process of inclusion, equality and human development.

Today, Cuba continues to inspire and contribute to the solidarity of the
peoples of the world; providing medical services and education to over 70
countries worldwide as part of the emerging Latin American movements toward
Socialism and people's democracy.

Join us also in calling on President-elect Barack Obama to normalize US
relations with Cuba and to free the Five Cuban Heroes, wrongfully deprived
of their freedom and abused in U.S. federal prisons for acting against
Miami-based terrorists.

*A Cuban FIESTA on WEDNESDAY, Dec. 31st, 8:00 pm*

*At the St, Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church*

*1525 Newton Street, N.W. **(at 16th St.) DC. *

· There will be tropical drinks,

· Dancing and free refreshments.

· People are encouraged to bring art and mementos of Cuba and its

· Support the rebuilding effort, Cuba was hit by three(3) major
hurricanes this year: Gustav (Aug 31), Ike (Sep. 7), and Paloma (Nov. 9)

· Donations accepted.

*Information: (202) 534 6119 - *

For Mother Africa and Her
Scattered and Suffering Children

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