April 11th Mwalimu Bomani Baruti will be speaking in Baltimore April 11th 2009. Saturday 5 to 9 P.M. The month of April is the official month of Get back in the Closet. Baruti author of Homosexualization and Effeminization of the Afrikan Males will address this very issue. Get educated, get the facts, know your partner, know your community, know this sub-hueman freakish pedophiliac culture that is capturing more and more of the Afrikan Community and now even the Conscious/Warrior Homosexual community.

Listen tomorrow night on Harambee, this week and next week. Next week I will have Iritated Genie of Soufeese author of War on Horizons, the rise of White Sexual Assualt. We are launching this Campaign on the East Coast. Tune in this tuesday and every tuesday 8 P.M. with Call 410-209-9687 or 202-213-3141