The All-African People's Revolutionary Party (gc)
Hell Yell! .....We Are Going There!

Travel Challenge to Cuba
As we come to Honor the 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

Saturday July 18th, to Monday August 3rd, 2009

Cost: $1,600

*This includes a roundtrip ticket from Toronto, Canada to Havana, Cuba
Come and join our African Delegation
which will include a two day visit to
Toronto, Canada, and 14 days in Cuba.

This cost will include transportation and accommodations for the entire
trip from a specified destination point. Specifically: Two meals a day
(breakfast and dinner); visit to beach, Hip Hop Concert, Santeria Sites,
cultural events, ideological & educational exchanges with various Cuban
social, political & educational institutions, as well as visits to
various historical museums and sites etc. For example, the Latin
American School of Medicine, where students from the USA are training to
become doctors free of charge, travel VISA and TOUR GUIDE will be

NOTE: This trip is not licensed by OFAC (the Office of Foreign Asset
Control of the US Treasury Department). This is a Travel Challenge to
break the illegal immoral and racist ban on travel to Cuba!

If you wish to participate in this travel challenge, we ask you to do
the followings:

- By e-mailing, writing or phoning to A-APRP(gc) requesting an
application at: email: or to by writing to A-APRP(gc)
P.O. Box 26486, Washington, D.C. 20001 – USA, or call: (202) 719-0529.
.Please include your name, home address and phone number (P.O. Box
addresses will not be accepted)

-The application fee is $200 (non-refundable), you must send the fee in
order to receive an application (for those who intend to go). Check must
be written to: Labor Exchange and mailed to: U.S./Cuba Labor Exchange,
P.O. Box 39188, Redford, MI 48239, attn: Ignacio. All application fees
must be paid by money orders or certified check.

-We are requesting that you can Pay in Full OR pay the 1st half payment
fee before April 30th and the Final Payment is due before June 22, 2009.

For More information on the A-APRP(gc) please go to our web-site at:
All-African People's Revolutionary Party (Guinea Conakry).

The A-APRP(gc) is in solidarity with: IFCO/Pastors for Peace; Venceremos
Brigade; US/Cuba Labor Exchange; The Vilma Espin Brigade/ Fueza Mundial;
The National Network on Cuba; and Global Exchange, participating in this
year challenge or working in support of the Challenges.