Mumia writes: "This is the story of law learned, not in the ivory towers of multi-billion-dollar endowed universities but in the bowels of the slave-ship, in the hidden, dank dungeons of America ... It is law learned in a stew of bitterness, under the constant threat of violence, in places where millions of people live, buy millions of others wish to ignore or forget"

Let's use the opportunity of the publication of this brilliant and moving, vintage Mumia book to build the momentum for his case, to raise the money we desperately need in these challenging economic times, to get the word out – to produce literature, flyers, posters, videos, DVD's; to send organizers out to help build new chapters and strengthen old ones, TO GET THE PEOPLE OUT IN THE STREETS … all the work that we must do in order to FREE MUMIA as he faces LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT PAROLE OR EXECUTION!

In the spirit of Mumia's book, we dedicate these "More Than a Book Party" events to the thousands and thousands of jailhouse lawyers who practice their craft in their own and their brothers' (and sisters') struggle for justice, against all odds and with the high risk of being subjected to the venom, punishment, and brutality of the prison system that is directed against them more than to any other sector of the prison population.

Featured Artists: Labtekwon, Chris
Speakers: Doc Cheatam -Baltimore Branch NAACP
Shanell Bryant -Baltimore Chapter INPDUM
Mike Stark -Campaign to End the Death Penalty
Max Obuszewski
Wendy Hess -Public Justice Center….AND MORE
$5 Donation---No one turned away for lack of funds

$10 for a copy of the new book “Jailhouse Lawyers”

April 24, 2009


Cork Factory Building

Cork Gallery

4th Floor Doorbell #9

302 E. Federal St.

Baltimore, MD 21201

Sponsored by: International Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Baltimore Friends of MOVE, Baltimore Chapter of the NAACP, Baltimore Chapter of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement, Soilciarity Center, Campaign to End the Death Penalty, Baltimore Nonviolence Center, Pulbic Justice Center

For More Information: (443) 850-2840