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The Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations

Rally/March November 7, 2009 Washington, D.C./Malcolm X Park 10a-6pm

Washington, D.C. – A newly-formed Black coalition has announced a rally
and march on the White House to take place November 7, 2009 beginning in
Washington, D.C.’s historic Malcolm X Park. The rally and march are to
protest the expanding U.S. wars and other policy initiatives that
unfairly target the well-being of the world's peoples and the entire
African diaspora. Known as the Black is Back Coalition for Social
Justice, Peace and Reparations, the coalition was decided upon on
September 12, 2009 during a meeting in Washington, D.C. of more than
fifteen activists from various Black organizations and institutions.

The rally and march intend to draw upon the support for a coalition
comprised of many of the leading anti-imperialist organizations,
journalists, activists, artists and scholars of the African diaspora and
means to state clearly its intention to return this broad community to a
tradition of progressive leadership or, as their call states, "a return
of the Black world to politics despite the age of Obama." Comprised of
some of the African world's most seasoned veterans of political
struggle, consisting of members of the African People's Socialist Party,
the NAACP, the Green Party, Black Agenda Report and many other
grassroots organizations and efforts, this coalition is perfectly
situated to do just that.

"Many well-meaning people in this country and around the world are
afraid to take more progressive political positions for fear of being
seen as anti-Black," the coalition contends. "We need to remind people
of the absolute lack of 'progress' since new faces assumed leadership of
this nation. Many o f the leading concerns of Black people, Latinos and
working people in this country remain insufficiently addressed. Black
and Brown people continue to suffer the brunt of un/under-employment and
predatory loan scandal crises. Military spending under Obama has
increased as have the warfare this nation continues to export to Iraq,
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Venezuela and Colombia. Mass incarceration,
police brutality and political imprisonment remain rampant and the most
negatively impacted by the levee breech in post-Katrina New Orleans
continue to be without homes, jobs or health care assistance. And to
that point, these are precisely the communities who nationally will be
the most negatively effected by yet another myth of health care

The political paralysis now being experienced by all left-of-Obama
political efforts themselves suffer from a lack of Black-led
anti-imperial movements. Black Is Back is not simply a slogan for the
African diaspora but for all progressive struggles which have
historically always benefited from such coalition. On November 7, 2009
all are welcome to participate in a rally and march which will include
many coalition partners in song, dance and political solidarity
announcing the return to leadership of the world's most reliably
anti-war and pro-social justice communities. As the coalition says, "To
free our people’s hopes and dreams from oblivion, we need a coalition
dedicated to the proposition th at Black is Back.”

A summary of coalition partners includes:

Omali Yeshitela, African Peoples Socialist Party (APSP)
Dorothy Lewis, NCOBRA
Cynthia McKinney, Green Party
Ayesha Fleary, APSP
Chimurenga Waller, APSP
Stic Man, Dead Prez
M-1, Dead Prez
Ousainou Mbenga, APSP
Abdul Alim Musa, Masjid al-Islam
Ona Zena Yeshitela, APSP
Omawale Kefing, Burning Spear
Curtis Gatewood, NAACP
Raheal Rayza, University of Toronto
Norman Richmond, Toronto
Luwezi Kinshasa, APSP
Chakanda Gondwe, APSP
Pam Africa, Free Mumia Campaign
Brother Riley, Uhuru Radio
Rich Piedrahita, APSP
Jared Ball, VoxUnion Media
Chioma Oruh, APSP
Sister Olevette
Rosa Clemente, Green Party
Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report.
Efia Nwangaza, Malcolm X Center for Self-Determination
Kali Akuno of MXGM
Omowale Adewale of G.A.M.E