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      Thumbs up Legacy Leonard's Performances and Updates

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      Peace Good People,

      It's a busy week/weekend for Miss Legacy. Come check her out at the following events...

      08/14/2008 07:00 PM - Farmington Civic Theater - Poetry In The Hills ]
      33332 Grand River Avenue
      Farmington, Michigan
      Cost:$10 adv/$15 @ door
      Descriptionetroit Poetry Collective presents 2nd Annual Poetry In The Hills featuring Legacy Leonard!

      08/16/2008 04:30 PM - African World Festival - Hart Plaza ]

      Detroit, Michigan 48226
      Description:jessica Care moore hosts and Legacy Leonard features!

      Upcoming Projects

      Legacy has been hard at work with her group Strange Fruits on their second book of poetry and photography Blood At The Roots slated to be released this Fall 2008. Check out the awesome cover art designed by Strange Fruit Member Kristina Lopez AKA CocoLopez:
      picture by legacycyrah


      Scorpi.jpg picture by legacycyrah

      Lynn Aron AKA Scorpiana X - Writer and poet extraordinaire, performer and activist. Lynn's words walk off paper and slam themselves into your existence. She is the wise and no nonsense spirit of the group. Check her out at...

      Scorpiana X

      imani-1.jpg picture by legacycyrah

      Imani Bilal - Beautiful and spiritual performance poet, writer, photographer and activist. Author of Beneath A Black Sun. Imani is our motivating force. Cop the book and check her out at...

      display_thumbnailphp.jpg picture by legacycyrah

      Purchase Beneath A Black Sun

      simalie.jpg picture by legacycyrah

      Sima Lee - Wordworthy lyricist, poet and activist Sima Lee is an unchained force of words, rhythms and life. Check her out at...

      Sima Lee

      pouty.jpg picture by legacycyrah

      Legacy Leonard - Writer, performance poet, and activist. Legacy is the new flavor in the Strange Fruits, bringing her womb wisdom and wildcard ways to these circle of sisters.

      Legacy Leonard

      krislo-1.jpg picture by legacycyrah

      Kristina Lopez AKA Krislo AKA CocoLopez - Graphic artist and photographer extraordinaire, writer and poet. Kris is our quiet storm. View her work at:

      Coco Lopez Portfolio

      rosalia-1.jpg picture by legacycyrah

      Rosalia S. Pena AKA Ms Pheonix AKA The Artist - Channeling pathos and thought with every sentence Rosa is a beautiful writer, poet, performer and activist. She is the sweet strength of the Fruits. Check her out at...

      Rosalia S. Pena

      Elizabeth Perez AKA Bruja - Spoken word extraordinaire, writer and activist. Our youngest member and brilliant spitfire. Watch her work at the 8th Annual Annual Urban Word NYC Teen Poetry Slam...

      YouTube - Bruja at the 8th Annual Urban Word NYC Teen Poetry Slam

      WHAT WE DO

      S.F.The Team
      Consists of 7 women, who are the founding mothers of The Strange Fruits and share a common vision of using Poetry and Hip Hop culture as a means of education, empowerment, and liberation. With a passion for their art and devotion to their creations, they swallow struggle and spit reality in a way non have ever seen; performing at venues, shows, and festivals throughout the country. They have also published their first book, entitled "FRUITION" and have a 2nd book entitled, "Blood at the Roots" to be released Mid 08!
      S.F.The Non-Profit
      The Non Profit Organization caters to female youth, providing a variety of services to females ranging from age 8-20. Dedicated to providing alternatives to the negativity in the streets and through media, by introducing the youth to an outlet of healthy self expression through the Arts, Poetry and Hip Hop culture. The Strange Fruits offer meaningful dialect, counseling, and workshops on various topics included but not limited to poetry, the art of writing short stories, self esteem, healthy living and diet, calming the spirit through spirituality, and sex and relationships. The Strange Fruits work hard t create real, lasting change in the lives of youth, striving to ensure their well being, and serving as the shoulder that so many young people are seaching for.
      Nov 2, 2015 "Assata Shakur Liberation Day" marks 36 yrs of freedom for our Comrade Assata Shakur, Our Warrior was liberated from a NJ prison by Comrades In The Black Liberation Army click here to read more or here

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      So sweet of you to post this!

      I don't see my sis around these parts as much, and to offer up her comings and goings for those who dig/love her just honorable.

      Black Love is Beautiful.

      Black Beyond Belief

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      D-Mecca, Master Islam (Detroit, MI)
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      Thanks a million for this Brotha!
      Have you not heard that your word shall be bond regardless to whom or what? Yes, word is bond, and bond is life, and I shall give my life before my word shall fail. - 11:1-14, 120 Lessons of the 5%

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