Oct. 3, Noon

For Immediate Release

Media Advisory

Event: Moratorium Now! Demands Federal Action on Crisis
Demonstrate Outside Federal Bldg. in Detroit
Date: Friday, October 3, Noon-1:00pm, Michigan at Cass
Contact: 313.671.3715 or 313.887.4434
E-mail: moratorium@moratorium-mi.org
URL: Moratorium NOW! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures and Evictions in Michigan

Detroiters to Demonstrate at the McNamara Federal Building (Michigan
Avenue at Cass, downtown)

Let Senators Levin and Stabenow and all Michigan members of Congress
know that we expect them to fight for the interests of homeowners,
taxpayers, workers, seniors and the poor. A moratorium on foreclosures
and evictions won’t cost a penny!

The demand for a federal moratorium on foreclosures becomes more urgent
every day because of the continuing consideration of a Treasury
Department proposed Congressional trillion-dollar bailout of Wall Street
firms who are responsible for the worst economic crisis since the Great

All of the proposals put forward by the Treasury Department and Congress
say absolutely nothing about providing jobs and relief to the millions
of households who are facing foreclosure, escalating fuel, food and
energy prices, the lack of employment, health care and quality

Growing segments of the United States population are being affected by
the inability of the Congress and the federal government to take
decisive action. No longer is it just those thrown into poverty, because
more working families, unionists, small business people, professionals
and others are facing economic ruin.

We must demand that this political impasse stop immediately and that
instead of transfering trillions of our tax dollars to the bankers and
the military, those funds should be utilized to meet the needs of the

At the same time, we continue to fight here in Michigan for passage of
Senate Bill 1306 by the State Legislature. Contact your state
representatives and senators and let them know you want SB 1306 passed.

Call state Sen. Randy Richardville, chair of the Senate Banking and
Financial Services Committee, and tell him to move this bill out of
committee and hold immediate public hearings around the state on the
foreclosure crisis.

We are also demanding that the new Mayor Kenneth Cockrel declare a State
of Emergency in Detroit, the hardest hit city in the country by the
foreclosure epidemic with an 18% home vacancy rate, and formally apply
to Governor Granholm to place a moratorium on foreclosures in Detroit
pursuant to MCL 10.31.

This press statement is being issued by the Moratorium NOW! Coalition to
Stop Foreclosures & Evictions.