Detroit Gardening Club Forming!

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I'm a friend of humanity and champion of Original thought. Call me what you will but I only answer to "Sean", "Sawa" or "Equality" they all mean the same thing anyway.

I have been studying and doing the knowledge for many years and in 2008 I began to build. It’s 2009 now and spring is just around the corner which signify the birth of the born year! I love metaphor and mathematics…

ANYWAY, I'm a here today because I am builder in search of other builders who might want to do some building with me on a new community ORGANIC GARDENING project this spring and fall and thereafter. It doesn't matter what stage of growth and development you might be at in horticulture and gardening, from a sprout to a tree, we will all work together in a co-teaching/co-learning environment and we will all reap the bounty!

I can teach anyone with any budget to grow their own healthy foods in any spot of land one might have available even a backyard or a vacant lot! If we get together and form a community group there are grants and funding available to us to help us build.

The simple fact of the matter is, our food is engineered poison. It always has been, and always will be in any capitalist society. Even the so-called “healthy” foods aren’t safe as they used to be anymore due to genetic engineering and chemicals because the capitalist corporations of Amerika don’t care if they are poisoning people as long as they make a profit.


MSG “the taste enhancer” is in everything! The FDA has given the cooperate pigs the right to LIE on labels by calling it “Gluten” Instead of Mono Sodium Glutamate. MSG is an “excitotoxin” that accelerates cells to the point of permanent damage. There are gluten receptors in almost every major organ in the body, allowing MSG to poison anywhere you might be naturally predisposed, be it the pancreas; causing diabetes, the brain; causing stupidity (literally), the heart; causing arrhythmia and death and causing obesity! Sounds to me like a generalized description of poor Amerika to me. MSG in fetal development has been show to DECREASED COMPLEX THINKING ABILITY in that child by the age of 9. The list of symptoms and diseases linked to MSG consumption is way to long to list.

[ame=""]YouTube - Aspartame, MSG, Dumbing Down Society[/ame]

What “0 Trans Fat” really means.

Furthermore, the FDA allows corporations to lie about percentages of ingredients as well by not making ZERO MEAN ZERO. That means with some ingredients, if the levels are 0.5 grams or less per serving size, they win the “right” to lie and label the product as having 0 grams. So know that when you see “0 Grams of TRANS FAT!” on the label 99% of the time it‘s a lie!

[ame=""]YouTube - Trans Fats: The Food Labels are LYING![/ame]

My plan is to form and urban gardening club and work together to grow our own foods to feed to our children.

As a community, we need to organize and spread awareness. The devil tries to weaken us from every angle. Sometimes the most subtle and effective assaults are on the things we take for granted like what we eat. I know I have been affected by years of living in an unaware state of the knowledge I have come into in the last 5 years. I am working my way back into good health and I would like to team up with h others who might want to joint with me in a similar or mutual effort.

The only way to avoid it is to not eat anything made in a factory by a capitalist swine corporation are even grown on a commercial mega farm because huge farms are all corporate-mindedly ran, which means you get genetically engineered and chemically altered fruits and veggies.

[ame=""]YouTube - Tyrone Hayes - Pesticide Effects Can Span Generations[/ame]
[ame=""]YouTube - Health Alert: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)[/ame]

You already know that corporations are pigs so why would we let them feed us?


Let them nurse from the breasts of their swine mother!

We will eat what OUR Mother, our mother EARTH yields!

We can never expect to be truly free if we can even stop eating the poison food they feed us! By 2010 my goal is to completely “Free-From-Factory-Feed”. As A kid I grew up on a farm, I know how most farmers make decisions about what they feed the “cattle” and what hormones to give the chickens. I also know that in a pinch the average corporate minded farmer wouldn’t think twice about using even the most harshest of chems to protect his season’s investment. By 2010, I will be no longer under corporate control through my diet, who’s with me?

Thanks for reading this thread.

All those interested can please email me or reply to this thread.

Peace Love Growth to all people in 2009!