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      In need of Legal assistance in Detroit

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      14 years ago subject A was accused of a crime, the case was dismissed without prejudice. Due to a previous legal matter subject A remained under state custody until the sentence was served. Upon release one year later, subject A completed a 2 year parole obligation free of incident. After 5 years following the conviction, Subject A applied for expungment, where in which Subject A petition the court to investigate any prior warrants, convictions, or standing legal matters that would disqualify Subject A for expungment. No adult convictions, warrants. or standing legal matters was on record but a Juvenile record dated 11 years prior to the expungment petition was highlighted. The expungment was denied and subject A was instructed to try again with legal representation. Over the next four years, Subject A applied for expungment again through a community program called First step. The Expungment was denied for the same reason cited four years prior. AGAIN, No warrants or unresolved legal matters were found. In fact, Subject A has been pulled over by police, appeared in court to dispute traffic citations, and was never made aware of of any warrants or unresolved legal issues.

      Under the advice of a friend, subject A tried for an expungment in 2011 and spoke with a local activist that said they would check into the matter. After checking with their state sources, subject A was informed that subject A qualified for expungment but there is a outstanding warrant dated 14 years prior to the current date. How is it possible for a warrant to be on record 14 years prior and several governing entities missed it on several separate occasions?


      Subject A filed misconduct complains against four Detroit Police Officers on two separate dates.

      Any information on the subject or competent legal presentation, please send me a private message.

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      BlackFlagg Marauder Mission Statement n beliefs :We declare ourselves to be sovern citizen who advocate the absence of the state, arguing that common sense would allow people to come together in agreement to form a functional society allowing for the participants to freely develop their own sense of morality, ethics or principled behaviour. Is it not oppression that there are fifteen million homeless souls in America, driven like cattle who can find no pasture, marginalized, and treated like criminals by the law? IS IT NOT oppression that the CIA runs the heroin and cocaine traffic into the U.S., while the DEA, state and local law enforcement hypocritically bust non-union drug dealers, pushers who haven't paid their dues, and the occasional user, for window-dressing? The War on Drugs is a War on Us-the tailor-made excuse to implement police-state, neofascist programs such as the Crime Bill. Who benefits? It is only the bond-holding class. IS IT NOT oppression that the powers-that-be are building more prisons to house "repeat offenders"-America's angry children, who grew up twisted, victims of a vicious system that was constructed to benefit the two percent who own ninety-eight percent of the wealth? A people conscienceless, amoral, who would have us build bigger prisons to keep all those "ruffians" and "thugs" off the streets. We have a media blitz on television explaining why we have to put these criminals to work in prison to pay their way, so to speak, and then we'll job them out to slave for a few measly cents a day to corporations which, of course, we own." I am sick and tired of this government and its hiding agendas that create only two kind of people rich or poor.

      BlackFlagg is a social system based on mutual aid and voluntary co-operation - against state control and all forms of government and economic repression. To establish a share in the general prosperity for all - the breaking down of racial, religious, national and sex barriers - and to fight for the life of one world.

      "No rulership or enforced authority.

      "A social state in which there is no governing person or group of people, but each individual has absolute liberty (without the implication of disorder).

      "Absence or non-recognition of authority and order in any given sphere.

      Maruader was another word for Pirate. Pirates deserve more credit than the Hollywood stereotype of bloodthirsty one-eyed peg-legged men who bury treasure and force people to walk the plank. They also displayed pioneering spirit in exploring new territory and meeting the native peoples, helped European nations explore the Americas and practiced the same egalitarian principles as our Founding Fathers. In the years before the founding of democratic nations, pirates were groups of violent men in rebellion against the restraints of harsh rule and society. The pirate code helped them to live under their unique social contracts.pirates’ democratic and egalitarian ways. "The men who sailed under the skull and crossbones were ordinary folk, like America’s revolutionaries, standing firm against oppressive governments and economic systems," Although the goal was still to have the quickest route to riches and leisure, the pirate code elements such as: equality, rules and decisions by group vote, just punishments, and division of power, contributed to the framework upon which democracies would later be built. Like the American revolutionaries, pirates developed three branches of government with checks and balances. The ship captain was elected, just as the U.S. president; the pirate assembly was comparable to Congress; and the quartermaster resembled a judge in settling shipmate disputes and preventing the captain from overstepping his authority. All crew members were allowed to vote, ship charters had to be signed by every man on board, and anyone who lost an eye or a leg was compensated financially. Pirates mapped new territory, expanded trade routes, discovered good ports and opened doors with the native peoples. By selling stolen silks, satins, spices and other merchandise in ports and spending their loot in the colonies, pirates created an economic boom. "They didn’t bury their treasure, they spent it, helping colonies survive that couldn’t get the money and supplies they needed from Europe," Native Americans and black slaves oppressed by the Spanish in the Caribbean gave pirates inside information on where to dock ships and find supplies. Slaves fleeing plantations were welcomed on pirate ships, where they shared an equal voice with white sailors......Woow, where was that in the his-tory books!

      BlackFlagg Maruader is first a social system based on mutual aid and voluntary co-operation - against state control and all forms of government and economic repression. To establish a share in the general prosperity for all - the breaking down of racial, religious, national and sex barriers

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