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Lost found proud orange moon

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The saddest thing I think I have witnessed is that before they was assassinating our leaders because they was trying to stop the truth from being taught and we over stood the concept of their fears even though it was not our intention to retaliate because when you know you are the stronger being you don't elevate by maiming the weak we are teachers and uniform spirits that realize that everything and everyone has a place. We have been hunted for refreshing our own independent nature because the weaker ones are truly the ones that's not free, if we no longer did things outside of our own community they would be lost. So knowing the conditioning that has been put in place the fearful don't have to destroy our leaders because we are destroying our leaders by not even being open enough to hear the truth afraid of being shunned by the fearful that allowed you status that is your inheritance from those who shed blood for you to be allowed to just Think. The purest form of freedom. What is worse is now that we are awakening at rapid numbers they are hunting our stars and incarcerating our Gods to try and monitor the flow of increasing knowledge because we got it they still need it to sustain life.

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