The Chain Of Command Structure in place for Assata Shakur Speaks is as followed:

Premium Members
Warrior Of The Month
MIlitia / Word Griot
Central Committee
Be-Headed / Disabled / Suspended

Recruits: are those who browse our forum daily, they often times are just searching for information, we don't require them to join, they aren’t allowed to post or respond, but are more than welcome to absorb the information here and are able to view our forum.

We promote the free flow of information "For Free", so we aren't interested in holding information "HOSTAGE" to increase our membership like many forums do, our agenda requires exactly the opposite.

Premium Members: you become a "Premium Member" once you activate your membership via e-mail, this allows for full access to the site, all the features that came with the vbulletin software are available to all "Premium Members" free of "ANY" hidden fees.

Warriors: you become a "Warrior" after about 30 posts or if you have been a long time supporter, as a "Warrior" it’s our way of recognizing a member's contribution to the site.

Warriors Of The Month: A Warrior may be selected as "Warrior Of The Month" through consensus from the Militia Members, Cadre aren't allowed to offer any input to this process, being selected as "Warrior of the month" is the Militia's way of recognizing a Warrior's contribution to the site.

Militia: you can become "Militia" as an opening develops and after an expressed desire from you to become Militia, to any Militia or Cadre on the forum.

The request will be reviewed by the Cadre who have "absolute veto power" on the Militia selection.

Cadre: the Cadre must approve of any Mlitia who seeks to become Cadre, also Cadre can vote in or out other Cadre.

Central Committee the Central Committee consists of longtime Cadre members and is the governing body of the site.

Be-Headed / Dis-Abled / Susupended: if you see this next to a users name, they have been removed from the site which can range from general disruption to actions inconsistent with the Aims And Objectives of this site, depending on the offense the corrective action can vary from permanent removal (Be-Headed) to 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months Be-Heading

We seek to be fair and just in the implementation of this process, its new to us all but applied properly it will work..

So please continue to raise our People’s consciousness, our efforts have already touched thousands, and we are headed for millions on behalf of the Warriors here we want to say ASANTE SANA!!! Come On Lets Get Free!!!