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      Reported Visitor Message by yah'nineh

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      yah'nineh has reported a visitor message.

      I find this message, most importantly the images sent to me here, unnecessary, and are an aggressive manner in trying to prove some point that only he understands). It is unfortunate, but I guess, part of some lesson, that we have a white man in this forum, going around posting messages such as these.
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      Posted by: BouugaBougga
      Original Content:
      FACT #1: The White race has crossed seas, harnessed rivers, carved mountains, tamed deserts, and colonized the most barren icefields. It has been responsible for the invention of the printing press, cement, the harnessing of electricity, flight, rocketry, astronomy, the telescope, space travel, firearms, the transistor, radio, television, the telephone, the lightbulb, photography, motion pictures, the phonograph, the electric battery, the automobile, the steam engine, railroad transportation, the microscope, computers, and millions of other technological miracles. It has discovered countless medical advances, incredible applications, scientific progress, etc. Its members have included such greats as Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Homer, Tacitus, Julius Ceaser, Napoleon, William the Conqueror, Marco Polo, Washington, Jefferson, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Magellan, Columbus, Cabot, Edison, GrahamBell, Pasteur, Leeuwenhoek, Mendel, Darwin, Newton, Galileo, Watt, Ford, Luther, Devinci, Poe,

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      I want to make it clear that, it is not so much the content in this message that bothered me, but the images he posted along with it to prove his "facts". They are just down right ugly and offensive.

      I would like to add though, that I appreciate that this man has been beheaded, (although, I do not know if it's for the same reason). What I do know is that this man will not stop, he is among us and has been among us for many years as he has stated in the "Self Rule" post. He admitted to being a white man using various names.

      What bothers me is not that he is among us, what bothers me is the mission he is on and the manner in which he goes about carries out his mission.

      Peace be upon you.

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