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In All Matters concerning Leon Toney we are requesting them to be removed Can you please remove My Son Name and address from your list This KIND OF INFORMATION IS PUTTING HIS Life Endanger and jeopardize his Privacy he has Been PARDON BY THE GOVERN of THE STATE OF WASHINGTON PLEASE REMOVE THOSE ADD and all web and News Feeds Storys that was reported, Thank you. Valerie Toney WE would Like a New Beginning and a Safe Life Thanks 253-335-2746
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First of all I would like to begin by saying I am the mother of Leon Toney. No matter what a parent does to try to give their children a better life putting them in suburban neighborhoods,good schools, sports and activities a child will choose their own road not that those things guarantee success but advantage truly helps give a good start. I appreciate all of the guards that gave respectful and good character reports on my son. I respect that they reaffirmed to me that my son was of good character and strength a strong man in their eyes. I thank the staff of St Joseph's hospital working so hard and patiently with myself and my family to save my boys life. I appreciate the prayers and hard work of all medical personnel that have assisted in the care of Leon. If there were times you didn't feel appreciated know that you were and are. Charge the feelings to fear, distress and long evenings all your care and concern is duly noted and truly appreciated. I know that everyone that wears a badge is NOT my enemy I am speaking solely of those that do wrong. The news report is not biased it tells both sides of the story. I do not condone the illegal action my son partook in but I also do not in any way shape or form condone the form of vengeance and abuse he has suffered. I still pray and maintain my position of mother FIRST, sister, aunt, grandparent. I want nothing more than to know the truth behind the condition my child is in at this moment and if that is considered disrespectful or offensive color me all of that. A parent does not always approve of or accept the actions of their child but they love them no matter what. Our children grow in our wombs, we nourish them for 9 months and through the span of their lives we love them no doubt. I will NOT rest until I find the TRUTH. A few things that I can tell u about my son is that he has always had a love for electronics, was a great athlete, mathematician, poet, and strong in character. I believe that rules and regulations should be followed and respected not only by inmates but by officers as well. When you cross the line of duty and let greed get in the middle of professionalism things like this not only putting human life in jeopardy but jobs as well happen. Regardless as to what my son was incarcerated for there should be a respect for the life that he leads. Leon did not come from a family of criminals but from law abiding, tax paying citizens that have tried hard to respect justice. The line was crossed on both sides. This line will continue to be crossed as long as both sides decide to do things the wrong way. Me as a black woman already knows the endurance and fight that our young black men outnumbering the prison population and our counted out even before their life begins. They spend the majority of their lives behind what I believe to be modern day slavery. Babylon will fall as prophesied in the Holy Bible that most of you say that you read but do not practice. Many of you took off the sheets of your forefathers and put on badges to continue to demonstrate segregation of what I refer to as gods and kings, black men locked behind bars in what I call the walls of injustice. No Justice No Peace they say but also know that spiritual peace is promised to us in revaluations 22. This is just a mere sacrifice. I will not slander all officers of the peace because there are many that go strictly by the book and do not jeopardize human life or their livelihood. There are many that still wear an invisible white sheet. I have alot of respect for those that will not cross the line of greed keeping things in order, keeping our love ones safe. A mother can only pray that thier loved one will be kept safe until they are released from the bondage. Pharoah was told to set the people free he heeded to true understanding, caused plagues he would not give into Gods words until he himself felt the wrath of Gods words. My only son is my pride and joy. No one wins in situations of this magnitude. NO matter what you have heard or read of this story there is no justification for the condition my child is in or the disregard for humanity. I understand that each person has the right to their opinion and base that opinion on the information that they are given so I cannot judge those that have low opinions. I pray that you all understand that I am not saying that the actions do not cause reactions. I am aware that a + B = c. Truth is all that I ask for. I know the child that I raised, the teenager who made a terrible mistake and was paying for that mistake, the MAN who furthered his life made himself better helped others be better people and the FATHER who was on his way home to his daughters. I cannot change anyone but myself just know that end of the day no one deserves this to happen to them. No matter what your stance on this issue I ask for prayer for myself, my family and my child. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US NOW