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      Thumbs up Fresh Juices and its benefits

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      By MamaDiaomi

      The best way to drink juice is straight out the juicer. It contains all the live nutrients, minerals, and enzymes that your body needs to be healthy. You are getting what I like to call the "raw food effect". I understand that not every body has a juicer so I have alternated these recipes to accommodate those who have not made this life changing investment. For those of you who don't eat live plans be it fruits or vegetables at all, let me share with you that its okay. Neither did I. But I have found simplicity as well as good taste in Juicing as well as supplying m y body with the fair quantity of raw plants that my body needs. I hope you will too. Please take in mind that While no one would intentionally sit down and eat eight large carrots, beets, and a handful of parsley, all of this can be found in just one glass of natural juice.
      While we may not actually eat 6 apples, 6 pears, a half of a medium cantaloupe, or a quarter of a small water melon all any one of these can be in just one glass of fruit juice. I hope that you will enjoy these recipes. If you would like to request any specific one that you don't see here please feel free to do so. IF you have any questions, that's what I'm here for. IF you have tried any of these please feel free to comment on what you thought of them. Keep in mind that I don't measure anything while I cook or prepare foods. All measurements are as accurate as possible and the spices can be alternated to fit your preference.


      Carrot Drink

      16oz of grated carrots
      3 ½ cups of water
      Sweetener of your choice (natural brown cane sugar taste best)

      The best way to drink carrot juice is straight carrots out of the juicer. For those who don't like to potency of fresh carrot juice this carrot drink is a pleasant and tasty alternative

      Blend together all of the carrots and water. Use a cheese cloth or some other strainer to strain the liquid. You may have to do this several times bringing the liquid through the strainer again to make sure that the flavor of the carrot is strong enough. When you are through with this process you want to add the other spices and sweetener of your choice. Shake very well before NOT forget to do this.

      Very Creamy Carrot Drink

      Follow directions above. Omit the water for 3 ½ cups of soy milk and add vanilla. Instead of grating and blending carrots. Cook them (not thoroughly) and mash in a blender with soy milk. Do not cook the carrot completely unless you want to loose all the beta carotene as well as other vitamins. : )

      Natural Fruit Punch
      1 cup of natural sweetener such as honey or grade A maple syrup
      8oz of orange juice
      16 oz of guava papaya or mango.....guava is the best for this drink.
      ½cup of lemon or lime juice
      A handful of strawberries or cranberries opt.
      4cups pineapple juice
      1 ginger root
      cloves are optional
      Blend together and strain....serve over ice

      Ginger Beer
      16oz ginger
      48oz of water
      juice 2 limes cup
      2 cups raw can sugar
      You can either run the ginger through a juicer and mix with the remaining ingredients. This will give you the best taste. You want to let this drink sit covered tightly at room temperature for 24-48hrs for best taste or you can just drink it up right away if you like. You can also grate and boil the ginger. When it gets to a rolling boil simmer for a few minutes covered. Turn the stove off and then let sit in pot for about 24hrs for best taste. Add the remaining ingredients when done and serve very chilled.

      Peanut Punch
      About 10oz of raw peanuts
      8oz of soy, almond, or rice milk
      24oz of water
      Honey, Maple Syrup, or Raw cane sugar/crystal to taste

      Blend water and peanuts for a good three or four minutes. Strain through a cheese cloth several times. Add the soy milk, spices, and sweetener. Serve room temperature or chilled.

      Jamaican Style Banana Drink/Punch

      4 bananas
      12ounces of water
      4 ounces of almond or nut milk
      nutmeg to taste
      vanilla to taste
      and honey to sweeten

      Blend bananas and water and soy milk in the blender.....Add the spices and sweetener. And chill before serving. (Its a thick drink....good for breakfast) This drink is also good warm in the evenings or at night.

      Cucumber Drink
      8-10 cucumbers cut up
      6 cups of water
      1 lime juiced
      natural sugar, honey, or sweetener to taste
      2 teaspoons of ginger optional
      Blend everything except for the sweetener, lime and ginger. Run through a cheese cloth or a strainer of some sort for about four times. Add the remaining ingredients and serve cold.

      4oz of dried sorel
      1oz ginger
      4 cinnamon sticks
      2 quarts of water
      2 cups of natural sweetener preferably honey or Grade A maple syrup

      Put the sorrel and spices in a serving container that can be sealed such as a water jug or a pitcher with a "screw off" top. Let your water boil and then cover the ingredients with the boiling hot water. Let sit at room temp over night or if you can wait 24-48 hrs is the best. After the liquid has steeped over night or for a few days add your sweetener. Serve room temperature or chilling cold over ice.
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      i had sum carrot juice str8,just with lil ice on New years Eve...i was feelen RIGHT !!!! i used to love juicen pears wit green apples n lil garlic and sum soymilk togetha in tha mornen but produce is expensive in the supermarkets

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      carrot juice after a workout will actually give you a little buzz. for that extra good feelin do carrot, beet and celery. i swear its one of the most delicious things ever. promise.
      All is Well. Workin' Hard - Tryin' to Save Time for Fam. Check in Periodically.

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      Bump it back!
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