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    1. Warrior for change
      Warrior for change
      I greet you with peace & love,

      I learn that greeting from my uncle growing up.
      I'm about to get to it; I joined this group because the title fits my purpose and goals.
      To strive to re-build our communities and society in such a way that the future will be filled with leaders and strong warriors.
      I see something beautiful out of all the problems and trouble that is present and coming.

      My vision is for us as a ethnic group,culture, and society is to turn the negativity of our people into a powerful but positive one.
      How? I have pondered this question for many years and days, to come up with this vary solution: " We must first become apprentices and be loyal servants".
      I mean in order to build, we must first pour the foundation.
      What is the foundation? Love,Respect,Honor,Knowledge,Deep Understanding,and Wisdom.

      Who would build a house or temple on straw or wood?
      Would you build your house on ground that is unsuitable or cause you problem?
      That what this country believe our people and future generation is suppose to build on; So why are we not in position to correct this fatal flaw?
      FEAR is the common nominal of all the problems we have in this faulty building that is being build.
      It is also constructed on unstable grounds which is a lot of confusion cause by FALSEHOOD.

      I for one is willing to back my words, but in all reality it take more people like me to do the things needed.
      I genuinely and sincerely want to raise my culture from the depths of hopelessness.
      I am not looking to be a H.N.I.C., fame, or recognition; I'm not seeking riches or wealth.
      I just want to do the things that will help instead of causing the problem that we are facing.

      Well, I have a lot more to say on this topic and will post it soon.

      I leave as I came

    2. Warrior for change
      Warrior for change
      I come to you in peace,

      I been watching videos on YouTube from Bro.Sa Neter who had great teachers that if we listen without judgement have some great information that we can build on.
      I am not going to front or even pretend that I am not new to this, I am ,but it is important that I learn though and help where ever I can.
      I am also going to get involve and stop the lip service I was giving last year.
      What change? the season's, but I'm fed up with what I am seeing in the streets, where I live, and how they treating my people's.
      I know it is just us two right now, but more will come believe that.

      Well, If I am not here I am feeding my mind

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      Assata Shakur Speaks is an Forum Devoted To Assata Shakur And All Political Prisoners Around The World.
      Assata Shakur Speaks Is An Oasis Of Pan African Information Geared Towards The Liberation Of Afrikan People.

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