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    1. Adwin7
      Peace, which martial arts do you all practice?
    2. Warchief221
      Gidigbo; Laamb; Kilijawaaro / Boreh.
    3. Heru Djet
      Heru Djet
      Htp. I practice Capoeira and Naboot.
    4. Enderase Epa
      Enderase Epa
      Does anyone here have information on 52blocks or Jail House Rock.
    5. Nefertiti
      Just thinking out loud...But I need to enroll myself in some sort of Afrikan martial arts ...Im going to look into it!, Any suggestions for beginners?
    6. Heru Djet
      Heru Djet
      Greetings Nefertiti. Your geography will likely dictate your options. Where are you? Do you have a martial arts background?
    7. Corvo
      Hi, new here,
      but look forward to discusing African MA. I've done many for a long time. I have been practicing Capoeira (mestre Bimba's) for over 16 yrs.
    8. Corvo
      Are there any real fighting warriors here? I mean people who have experianced war and have stock back? actual combat.

    9. Abasi
      Uhuru Comrades, Sistas, Bruthas,

      Corvo, I have a black belt in Goju Ryu/Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do, and training in Akijitsu. I have had actual combat. I have been in enough fights (empty handed and not) to confidently say I've been to war and effectively used my knowledge of MA to defend myself. However, I try to avoid physical confrontation as much as possible in relationship to other Africans.
    10. Brother P
      Brother P
      I have 25 years of Jeet Kune do/ Jun Fan Gung Fu training as well as Muay Thai, Kali, wing chun and Boxing. I have also been in armed combat on three continents before my awakening and subsequent retiremnet from the white mans war machine. I have been in quite a few situations of combat, though never in the streets. I currently teach combat systems based on the JKD/ JF methodolgy. I know this is an Afrikan Martial Arts forum, which I deeply respect and appreciate, but I also now that Martial Arts is Martial Arts.The practitioner is what makes all the difference.
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