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    fighting for Honor

    1. Corvo
      Fighting for Honor: The History of African Martial Art Traditions in the Atlantic World.

      tracing Angolan & Biafran combat traditions across the Atlantic. finding evidence of their use into the twentieth century. AMA have been overlooked as historical inquiry. TJ Desch, has contextualize the descendant of martial traditions.

      three traditions: engolo, unarmed combat consisting of inverted kicks & acrobatic maneuvers. kandeka, a Stick fighting form. mgba, a wrestling form. He demonstrates these art forms' presence in the New World, Antilles & Brazil. The AMA practical uses are tied to personal honor that persist within the coercive and oppressive confines of racial slavery.

      an invaluable contribution, demonstrating that Africans have retained some cultural heritage & a significant effect on our cultures today.

      I think you might love reading this book

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