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    Setting the Agenda

      Family its time to start formulating the agenda, please share your ideas asap
    2. Abasi
      Uhuru Pantha, fill me in comrade, I have never heard of the retreat, but if its gon be African revolutionaries there, I want to be apart of it. Get at me.
    3. SisterLeTava
      Peace & Black Love, Family

      OK. So, what are we doing?
    4. SisterLeTava
      Black Love, Everyone.

      Bro. Jacuma, this is a summary of the information I committed to getting to you for this year's organizing consideration.

      Tent-city is scheduled for (sunrise) Friday, August 7 - (sunset) Sunday, August 9, 2009. Families are welcomed and encouraged to arrive Thursday (afternoon), August 6th. Campus welcome/orientation is offered both Thursday evening and Friday morning.

      This is a great opportunity for revolutionary families to get an idea of the responsibilities that come with liberation. During the weekend of Tent-city, families from all over the country are invited to experience tribal living on H.E.R. Living Campus.

      Our overall current agenda includes: family tent camping, close-quarter military training, tribal living activities, basic survival class, food production logistics, and basic health & safety.
    5. SisterLeTava
      The final evening is our celebration and final exam of our rites of passage initiates. This year we have only one watoto who will successfully complete her rites of passage and only one who will be initiated for next years rites of passage process (which is 1 year for us). However, there is still time (if there are other communities in other cities who would like to have their initiates to participate in the event) to prepare their youth for the final tests.

      Our Tent-city fee is $325 per household family. The fee is all inclusive and convers the cost of all classes & training, meals, activities, adult training uniforms, family t-shirts and local transportation. Basically, everything your family will need once they arrive. We have a trained 24-hour on-call medic available.
    6. SisterLeTava
      There is an application process that will give each family all the information including a list of supplies they will want to pack and things they will not need during this experience. Although there is always family time set aside and times when the campus is intentionally quiet, this is not a vacation. This is more of a liberation training weekend. If you don't work, you don't eat. We use solar ovens and fire-pits for cooking. We do for self rain or shine. The training leaders are specialist in their fields. They do not tolerate excuses nor do they entertain slackers. However, because there will be lots of children present, it is more like an interactive outdoor classroom than bootcamp. There will be no screaming and yelling, but there is plenty of motivation, sisterhood, brotherhood and nation building.

      Anyway, I know this is alot to take in. I am available for quesitons, just give me a call.

      Peace when possible,

      Sis. LeTava
      Asante sana for the prompt response Sister Letava, we are reviewing the wonderful resources you have put forth, I am also forwarding this information to the Cadre, expect to hear from some of them shortly. Brother Abasi I will keep you and everyone else posted on the details as they become finalized asante sana for your interest.
    8. EmancipatingMind
      This sounds like fun, please keep me informed as well! Peace and Blessings!
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