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    Through-out our story a protracted war has been waged against our nation.

    1. akilamaru
      On what front of this protracted war do we see the greatest need for a clear concise plan to combat these attacks upon our citizen/nationals? I want to focus this discussion on the( PIGS) front line foot soldiers patrolling our communities/Nation.
    2. PharaohNimrof
      Education. Fighting a war with the police is a battle you will lose in the end. Building your communities is the only thing black americans should be focused on. Everything else will fall into place after that. Black lawyers, black businesses, black politicians, black schools, black banks, etc. Only things that will cause substansial change.
    3. Shikam
      I think both of you are correct in a sense but you can't put all of your eggs in one basket. We have to look at the resources we have in order to figure out what we can do and how to get more power. The key word when it comes to black institutions and resources is "networking" and we have to realize that before we can do anything. For example, the NBPP (military) should be working with and protecting the Black Lawyers For Justice (Law) and the pan Africanist political groups (politics) who will then take local to federal positions in many countries (government) with the use of RBG propaganda (media) along with positive black imagery in black owned media, shows, and movies (entertainment) and the money made from advertisements for black businesses (economics) that build up black wealth to be stored black banks (treasury) to help black economies and help the global black population in advancements in technology (science/research and development) as well as building clinics and hospitals with black owned and approved medicine (health) which helps with the overall physical and psychological health to better help ourselves and future generations that will learn how to further rebuild and retain all of this through afrocentric schooling (education) all of which is defended, advanced, funded, etc. by and for black people GLOBALLY and connected via that very important key word "networking"

      We have guns, legal and illegal. We just need to organize military and paramilitary branches and units within those branches all organized in every black population we can get to.
      - Civilian militias (legitimate)- Constitution of the US allows civilian militias with firearms, provided that they are legal and legally used. Nonetheless, they can be used as reserve forces and internal security (black police)
      - Resistance ("terrorist")- In urban and general first world nations and territories
      - Revolutionary army ("insurgency")- The Pan African armed forces of third world countries and war zones.
      - State Military (official/government)- The military of a country that has been effectively taken under control by true pan Africanists.
      - Private Security (security firms)- Employment for African people that involves payment for services that include; private investigations, security, cybersecurity, surveillance, acquisition, body guard, etc.
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