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    Brothers Working It Out

    1. Langalibalele
      What are you brothers working out?
    2. poetic_rymes
      So brothers whats this group about exactly?
    3. ladyblackwisdomjackieamos
      Indoctrination Of A New World Order The Black Man

      Have he suffered as I and the abomination to a King of great hierology, nevertheless I shall walk as a man, speak as a man, and flourish among my land God gives to thee. The assassins who took my caucus but my spirit lives within my blood, I the Original Black man, no duplicates shall embrace the centuries of my battle upon the abomination of earth;

      Oh this lint less Journey I embark, I walked the lands that no man shall touch, I died and give thy life for thee, I fought on the battlefield that my brothers be free, but yet I continue to feel the whip of treason, I the original Asiatic black man. Living in a towel, which is dictated by the earthly Gods. We've been in jail for four hundred years; Black Man is the first and last: to ruin by allowing negativity to outweigh the positive. Lord of all the worlds, supreme ruler of the universe; which is everything, sun, moon, and stars (God) is the sun in the solar system, woman is moon, and child is star. Knowledge is the foundation of all in existence, for it must be "known" in order to make it manifest. Knowledge is the "light" given off by the SUN, which is the foundation of the Solar system. The legacy of
      the black man; Jesus the king and all and the sons of the son;

      those who followed in righteousness’ a rose
      by any other name still smells sweet.
      The battleground of conformity, the treasons of the wicked
      Army, the blasphemy in the name of the heavenly father;
      The beast of angels who wear the muddy crown of waters;

      The army of the devil controls the prisons of the land
      The conformity of evil is accepted, within the darkness
      Of Satin plan, treasons of a people who turn there
      Heads to the spoken words, treason by the people
      Who break all the laws of God?
      Killed treason of the prophets who stood at the door
      Of Satin plans, Judas who be trade Jesus and
      The devil had lost; he then hanged his own self
      Trader of the sons of sons.

      The call of heavens the weary of the sons
      my kings you have been summoned,
      by the ancestors, there is much work to be done.
      Tell a friend, tell a father, tell a son.
      Women cannot teach a boy how to be a man.
      Claim your rightful place,
      Go to the rich, Go to the poor,
      Reclaim your communities, knock at thy brother’s door.
      Is anyone listening reclaim your rightful place.

      Indoctrination of a revolution
      has been made. Let thy pens be filled,
      let thy voices be herd,
      A new world order where the black man,
      shall restore there rightful place.
      The battle is not won, until men joined together and unite.
      The Blackman shall restore their family jewels.
      Rising up from the depths of all humanity,
      crying out the ever lasting life,
      In hopes of a vocal response,
      what a shame that we have come to this point,
      with such calamity, that we can no longer hear truth.

      Listen perhaps you will have a chance,
      to enjoy a music, that you may not have known,
      existed at all course. In a peaceful place,
      of your stool granted by God;
      Blowing of the wind of the universe,

      Your family and Jewels shall be restored.
      You will hear the many deaths of all creations,
      crying let not thy flame be darken,
      I the spirit of change is not dead.

      I the ancestor’s son must continue to lead.
      Train thy sons that they shall carry the torch;
      teach them wisdom from all back doors.
      Prepare a place that honor shall be place,
      within there back yards. One Son, One Man,
      Wisdom must be stored, teach the son,
      as an individual,
      Are his manhood shall be destroyed.

      Bring great eternal forces,
      spirits of the almighty God.
      The almighty that was created,
      within you my sons, the heart,
      the God of Heaven,
      Oh thou who represents the spirit
      shall reflect thy heart of thy almighty God.

      Sons of the sons fear not,
      the all mighty spirit that dwells.
      Within your armored pen,
      take it to the mountain,
      when times get hard.

      It shall not be easy, and many shall turn there back.
      My soldiers as you, will walk you across,
      Talk to the almighty God as Solomon, Moses,
      ask him To guide you cross, the revolution of love,
      God shall guide you through the dark.

      Be not afraid the almighty God ordained you.
      In each and every soul delivered
      without tarnish is harm,
      innocence tarnished by the evil of dark.
      Incubation atomic life;
      in everything; that resides upon the earth;
      for the notarization he is better than the next.
      Through the history of legacies,
      the division of a people,
      and the hero is the marksman,
      of a devise mind who has no loyalty of life.
      To kill a hero who gives his honor to God,
      as the devil claims his life,
      and the serpent who pretends,
      that the warriors of change,
      shall be killed in honor of hypocrisies,
      ideology of a man made devil.

      The armor of the pen has been called.
      Go into your communities,
      Televise the revolution God is your staff.
      Fear not man; take it to the mountain of Calvary.
      A face that lives within the Soul,
      the weary of the Sons,
      let not thy live in darkness,
      among the demon’s that lives within;
      honor that stands before the conscious of dignity,
      thy spirit that embraces,
      the words of thy almighty God.
      I the leader of self, I the spoken words of thy God
      the courage to say no,
      when humanity is forced to travel among the dark the evolution of man I am just a spoken tool,
      My father lives within your soul,
      The warrior, the prophet, the Moses,
      the Solomon, Jesus, Malcolm, Heuy, Medgar,
      Mohammad, Rap Brown, soldiers of the cross.

      Faceless brothers who never gave up
      the lifeline which he chose.
      Meditation the solutions of great leaders,
      man walk with the armor of thy God.
      Life dose not center on man,
      life centers around God.
      Which mans time is borrowed;
      let not thy ego confuse who is thy almighty God.
      Heathens that preach the destruction
      of the world order of thy God;
      A heathen who think they are greater than thy God;
      The turning of the door, the man, the husband
      the son, the boy; the ego’s shall not stand,
      in the ways of Gods plan.

      To think like a man Within a shell releasing,
      the glorification of man,
      Only the spoken words of God,
      Fore who that believes in the heavens,
      symbolic images of great men,
      the chosen of Gods flock,
      live not for the world live to reach the heavens,
      the paradise of great love, after the devil is dead,
      who will you bow to, his story shall end.

      Satin the jealousy and hate,
      he displayed for the creator,
      the love that God had given,
      to be betrayed by the creations of his hands.

      Man repeats the same mistakes,
      to think as a man, fear not the world fear God.
      Powerful images, great leaders
      inspiring others, to raise self-
      confidence in others, holy dwellings until eternity;

      the man the mind blinded by self.
      Disgrace that he sets before thy almighty God,
      listen to the screams of the Universe,
      listen to the screams of the ancient dust,
      listen to the screams of the destructions,
      of mans own right hands.

      The eyes that are blinded,
      the love that has no rising,
      the mighty and the power shall be no more,
      the light dose not shine upon his head.
      Deterring the responsibility of man.
      The leader, the nurturers of the land;
      the mouth peace of the almighty spoken words;

      Sanctuary of all Gods creations,
      the devils speak through the weapons of the tongue.
      Man who blames God for the devil work.
      It is not the power of man who stands,
      before the mountain,
      it’s not power of a man who kills his brother.
      It is not power of a man who defeats his wife.
      It’s not power of a man who abandons his son.

      Copywriter 2002
      It’s the power of a man who walks as a man,
      Speak as a man, lead as a warrior,
      in Gods love, sing not the song of victory,
      Sing not the songs honor of honor,
      if thy slate is not clean.
    4. Majadi
      Brothers we need to set this off, If you like I can post some of the blogs I have on my blog page, they are geared towards Afrikan men!

      I mean we look really non-productive not having anything here, what do you lions think?
    5. Im The Truth
      Im The Truth
      Set it off African!
    6. Majadi
      Should I ever be asked, at anytime, to go out and kill an enemy ofthis movement, I will arm myself and proceed fearlessly to fulfill theorder thus given to me by this Movement. I will never abandon theleadership of my people, but I will go wherever they send me, to dowhatever my compatriots ask me to do, even if it means my death. Iwill never run away from the battle field and leave my comradesfighting. I shall continue fighting until the enemy is defeated. If Iever betray any of the above pledges, may I be killed.

      Kikuyu Oath
    7. Mordecai_7
      What WE should be Working Out is: (1) How WE are going to stop killing each other; (2) How WE are going to UNITE and; (3) How WE are going to establish an Independent & Sovereign Nation WE can call our own with a land that WE can call our own so that We can give our Children a SAFE & SECURE future.

      If WE fail to do that, then WE have failed as men. AMERICA IS FALLING, and WE are going to fall with it if We don't do our MORAL DUTY as MEN.
    8. Mordecai_7
      Why do WE have to kill unless it is in self defense??? "Our Unity is stronger than an atom bomb," so says The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him). All WE have to do is "accept our own and be ourselves." And in doing that, WE should be coming together as a Nation... devesting in America (which is falling) and investing in ourselves, so that WE don't fall with America.
    9. G1deon
      Hustla's in the hood gather and receive the attention of the younger generation... gotta get the Hustlas over to this side
    10. Mordecai_7
      The hustlers are the younger generation. They dont like the wisdom or advice of the older generation, so who is going to get them over to this side???
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