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    The Lie and The Truth

    1. Usiku
      The Lie: "Buying Black" is not to my benefit because Black businesses charge too much.

      The Truth: Black businesses set prices based on costs, demand and inventory turnover. Until they are able to purchase materials cheaper and increase their customer base they often must charge more. Many non-Black businesses charge you based on what they can get away with and you pay it. Once we stop patronizing others and patronize ourselves then prices will come down. We will also be able to employ each other. Each time we purchase a product or service based on price only, it costs the Black community more than the bargain we think we've received. Plus we are being selfish, shortsighted and don't know the meaning of support or sacrifice. If we never Buy Black we will never Bounce Back. If we don't Buy Black, what is the alternative? Revolutions must be funded.
    2. Usiku
      I encourage you to visit

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