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    Metu Neter Study Group

    1. Cipherkam

      Thank you for starting this group. The Metu Neter is always something that seems to be a part of my destiny.


      Kamal Imani
      Kam Au Im Ani
    2. georgia.muldrow
      Blessings! It feels GOOD to be HOME!
      Brother Ra Un Nefer Amen is a touched soul.
      I am now reading Vol.2 and it has instantly improved my meditation. i see stars when i close my eyes!
      Jah Love Everyone!
    3. Sublimelight

      Asante for building aroun Metu Neter Jacuma. I am on a third reading of the volumes.

      Shm htp,

      Your sister
    4. georgia.muldrow
      Selassie I!
      since INI (as Four) are gathered i just want to send a message of appreciation for what has been built on our behalf - this reading is so timely and life saving it makes me smile.

      in a world that is raging with anger, it's hard not to be consumed with just the mere details surrounding the atrocities commited against our people...this book is showing me how to become a TRUE revolutionary, to not give up on my daydreams with the ancestors; but in fact to strenghthen my ties with the Blackness right in front of my eyes!
      there was a time when i wrote "Thy Will Be Done" like standards in a notebook,over a hundred times hoping that i'd be programmed by it somehow...years later... it is so refreshing to become aquainted with the mother/father tutor of this concept, where it's not just a passing scripture used to confuse and subdue one's creative urge to transform!
      Vol.2 speaks so clearly, to the point if i have a question in my mind, he answers it with a WHOLE PARAGRAPH right then and there. it is truly a revitalizing experience!

      Chapter 7, here I come!
      love to everyone!
    5. georgia.muldrow
      hey now!
      finished vol.2 a while back....any body checkin out vol.3 yet?
      i'm fundraising for my copy
      UHURU na HAKI
    6. The War Medic
      The War Medic
      I'm starting ova from Volume 1. Gave Volume 1 & Volume 2 the once over last year. Didn't even know there was a Volume 3. Now its time to digest and put into practice some sound spiritual guidance. We'll see how this goes!
    7. Godssoulja
      Were is everyone at in their reading. I finished Volume I & II now I am reading Volume I again before buying Volume III.
    8. Don
      Hetep/Hotep I have always been interested in the Metu Neter I have gained the knowledge that it is a system of divination used to overstand
      oneself and know (not say the exact future like clairvoyance)
      how to conduct your behaiviour in order to avoid problems. Folks I know
      who studied this also reccomended the Yi Jing or I Ching, even though
      it came from the Metu Neter it helps in breaking it down. Hopefully I can
      get a copy soon and start reading.
    9. Sistahs_Keeper
      Hotep Family,

      I've actually just learned of the Metu Neter recently from exploring this site. I'm drawn toward higher learning and hope to build on the knowledge with you all.
    10. Mayati Sekhmet
      Mayati Sekhmet
      Hotep...Ive heard so much about the Metu Neter, but I don't even know how to start!!! Please Teach me brothers and sisters!!
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