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    Mi-nute Health and Wellness

    1. Nefertiti
      lets Start Caring About Our Bodies
    2. Jacuma
      what are some of the first things one must do to get started on the path to healthy eating?
    3. Nefertiti
      Jacuma,...The first step would be to make up your mind,...decide that you are going to change, taking mentals notes, And then second step would be to drop bad eating and social habits,either cold turkey or with assistance Learn about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and decide to live long!...Peace
    4. BlackQueen
      Change isn't easy,though,sis.
    5. Nefertiti
      healthy Warriors For Revolution,...we Dont Want Anybody Being Like Fat Cops Who Eat Donuts All Day And Cant Run(metaphor)
    6. shakim1969
      I do care enough about myself to make changes. I spoke to my Doctor and a nutritionist today about drinking vegetable juice during the day and eating a vegetarian dinner in the evening. My doctor and nutritionist was so elated that I wanted to eat holistically.

      I want to be really,really healthy , if that means eating more raw foods , such as, spinach,kale,melons, grapes,etc,etc, be it.

      There are plenty of books that can jump start your path to holistic health. Here are a list of books I can think of right now.

      Afrikan Holistic Health -Laila O Afrika
      Nutricide -Laila O Afrika
      Heal Thy Self-Queen Afua
      Heal Thy Self cook book-Diane Ciccone
      Juicing for Life-Cherie Calbon

      Most of us are addicted to eating bad, that includes me. If you want to break your addiction, fast for a week or two, I guarantee , that you will lose your addiction to eating bad.
    7. Nefertiti
      Yeah I think that fasting for 2 weeks will do it my brother definitely a breaker!
    8. G.O.D.F.A.T.H.A.
      We all should eat healthy to lead a long and prosperous life.
    9. Jacuma
      Ugggh Im going to start within the next week, cutting back on some things, cold turkey for me right now isnt as realistic as cutting back is..
    10. shakim1969
      I have started to drink more green tea and eat more green vegetables and fruits. I refuse to be one of those people who die from a heart disease. I advise everyone to try fish oils or flaxseed oil, they are both good for the heart.
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