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    Urban Gardening Club forming

    1. The Villager
      The Villager
      Contact me for details or see my upcoming thread.
    2. Empress Yetzion
      Empress Yetzion
      ohhh i think i'm going to like this group!!! I'm a big time organic gardener
    3. Imani Sunni Elidinunki X
      Can't wait to get started.This group will be great, I love organic gardening. Gardening is my way of getting grounded and balanced
    4. Sistahs_Keeper
      I'd like this group to become more involved in sharing ideas on organic gardening. I'm still going through the lifestyle changes involved with my holistic health and wellness, but the journey wasn't as difficult as I initially thought it would be. I look forward to building with you all in that respect. Especially in regards to gardening with herbs.
    5. liveinV
      Hetepu Family. Excellent idea! This is beautiful. Looking forward to growing(pun intended)and learning with you.
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