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    PanAfricanism And You

    1. Nefertiti
      Who is it today that represent us at that PanAfrican level?
    2. Queen_Samiya
      I am representing, sister!
    3. La Bella Afrique
      La Bella Afrique
      will be there soon...more time, more knowledge!
    4. lotus
      Hetepu PanAfricanist Warriors,

      I agree with Assata Shakur that revolutionary change is the kind of change that matters. Yet, I believe that "the revolution will, and may at times, will not be televised." Foremost, the Black Revolution starts within one's mind; it begins as a thought. If the thought is actualized or manifested, then it will be "televised."

      However, we know from experience that we can not expect mainstream media to tell of our revolution. It only wants to paint us as "militants and terrorists." These are their labels meant to oppress and keep a status quo of control. The powers that be and their followers are those who are anti-justice, peace, democracy, humanity, and anti-any thing Black. In contrast, we Afrikans, since the beginning of creation, were always just, peaceful, democratic, and humane.


    5. Im The Truth
      Im The Truth
      PanAfricanism or Perish!
    6. Langalibalele
      What is Pan Africanism? What is its viewpoint? Does it have working class content? Most Pan Africanists that I kno have an eclectic theory. Pan Africanism has been like Pan Arabism; it has incorporated many petty bourgeois elements and the revolutionary content has eventually been watered down. I kno Pan Africanists who have never learned dialectical and historical materialism, the guiding theory of scientific socialism. This is a political question.
      Nowadays we reconize the need to aspire to the revolutionary level of Pan Africanism that is more accurately known as African Internationalism. What is that but the thought of Amilcar Cabral, Frantz Fanon, George Jackson, Walter Rodney, BPP Chairman Fred Hampton, and Omali Yeshitela.
      We also must sharpen our analysis of what is taking place today within the capitalist system, that it is in trouble. Yet that alone is not enuf for us to revel. The subprime housing mess cause by the banking industry -- being the highest level of business organization within the capitalist system -- triggered a crisis within international finance. The banks needed bailed out by the State. This signifies that Imperialism is facing its Isandhlwana, its Dien Bien Phu.
      Capitalism must be delivered a death blow; it cannot be allowed to collapse of its own weight. That will be a social and political disaster which will not be good for African people. It is our job to organize African people to fight within this system, and against it.
      Not spontaneously, as we have in the past, but in a prepared, revolutionary way by shutting down key industries and taking them over. We must make it impossible for the white power structure to rule by shutting down neo-colonialism within our communities. This is how we become prepared as a class and a nationality to govern. Take a chapter from history, from Haiti and Cuba, and from all other revolutionary movements. Power to the People!
    7. Kamau Njia
      Kamau Njia
      rise up you mighty people
    8. YeJiDe
      Give thx to all for knowing we must provide for ourselves, teach our own children our own stories, grow our own food, buy our land (back) & create our new first world!
      Peace, Love, RASpect & Abundance
    9. Sisa
      Can someone elucidate the meaning of race from a pan-africanist perspective?
    10. Annunarqi1
      Teach our children their African history!!!
      When bush and blair finish with the rest of the world Africa is next>
      Where are our missiles,rocket lunchers, bombs, tanks, fighter jets etc.
      We to busy watching t.v and killing our one another instead of preparing for the enemy.
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