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    1. Sistahs_Keeper


      mark my words
      words will mark their marksmen
      words will push bullets backwards into their barrels
      and brothers back into the bosom of their mothers
      betwixt lovers
      language pushes love into love
      and thereafter pushes love into life

      if it weren’t for rumi
      they would have
      ruined me
      luminous language
      lovers lane
      traversed by the drunk and insane

      like liquor
      an elixir
      that licked her
      to let her know she was not alone
      not the only lonely
      soul knowing
      that in the morning
      we’d be mourning
      the night
      that kept our nakedness
      from sight

      in private
      I speak the truth almost inaudibly
      such that
      I can hardly
      hear the God in me
      there is a harmony
      if sang with sincerity and clarity
      one’s soul will transcend
      one’s anatomy
      angels and ancestors
      in one’s veins and arteries
      the silent majority
      attempted a lobotomy
      to cut the lumumba malcolm marley mansa musa outta me

      no more fear
      they either martyr me
      or pardon me
      it doesn’t matter
      I am not matter
      I wish I was an anomaly
      but im more normal
      than I thought I ought to be
      but it is not fitting
      for me to
      ignore the most precious part of me

      my secret

      the difference between
      melody and harmony
      requires more than me

      your secret

      in unison we must all sing
      your secret that is lost in me
      my secret that is swimming
      in your heavenly body

      until God is in plain sight
      the full moon on a cloudless night
      mark my words



    2. Sistahs_Keeper
      I encourage you to look into the work of Brother Amir, including "Danger" and "She Said I Prefer A Broken Neck". MARK MY WORDS: this Brotha is official.
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